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Donna Bigg

Jim and Barb Bigg

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the lives of Jim and Barb Bigg. We would like to collect your stories and memories to share with everyone. For more photos and videos, go to:

    Barbara Bigg, born on 3/8/36 in Los Angeles, CA, passed from an unexpected massive heart attack on 05/01/2021.  James Bigg, born on 01/29/36 in Sterling, CO, died at home on 6/16/2021 in Hot Springs Village, AR, from complications to Parkinson’s and Dementia.  They were both 85 years old.     They are survived by their children: Melinda Bigg, Aurora CO, Donna Bigg, Hot Springs Village AR, and son Michael Bigg and wife Kimberly,...  see more
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  • Donna Bigg
    Memorial Video and in a couple of weeks, the Memorial Service will be on the next website:
  • Donna Bigg
    We used to do Christmas in July, so as many people as possible could come together and celebrate our family. Here are a few photos from 2009. More Coming.
  • Susan Bigg
  • Melinda Bigg
    • Melinda Bigg
      Melinda Bigg I could write an essay about my parents and how wonderful they were and it would only be a small portion of their world. I will be adding pictures and memories as time moves on. Please share your memories and thoughts with us. Thank you.