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Jerri Jenkins

September 22, 1964 - March 28, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Jerri Jenkins. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial. Jerri touched countless lives in so many ways, with her kindness, intelligence, humor and love. She...  see more

Jerri Jenkins passed away on March 28, 2020, after a hard fought battle with cancer.  Jerri was a wonderful daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother.  Though she left this world far too soon, she filled it with love, compassion and kindness, everywhere she went. Jerri worked very hard, and appreciated life to the fullest.  The simple things never escaped her eye.  She loved so many friends, family and, of course, her kitties. ...  see more
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  • Geoff Holt
    I’ll always remember the time when Jerri and I shared the school bus ride. One day I felt a hand running over my head. I turned round in surprise and saw Jerri and a friend . I asked what they were doing. Laughing she said "feeling you up" After i...  more
  • Shanee Ceja
    First, I would like to thank god and my mom for bring Jerri in my life. I was about 10 years old when I meant Jerri through Denver Kids. Jerri was a big sister for Denver Kids, and I was the chosen one and we connected immediately. Jerri was everything...  more
  • Fredi Novin
    I already wrote and delivered my personal note to Ivan on March 29, the day we all were notified of Jerri's untimely passing, but I'm sorry that it has taken me this long to add to this site.
    In my religion, Judaism, it is customary to honor a loved...  more
  • Rob Davis
    What a great loss, Jerri will truly be misssed.
  • Charles Smedly
    Jerri loved the outdoors and in particular the views off her deck of the mountains, but also of sunsets and oceans. These photos are from time with Jerri and Ivan in Breckenridge CO. She was witty, intelligent, and always honest. She was a wise person....  more
  • Marilyn Robertson
    My dear friend Jerri,

    I am heartbroken beyond words. You have been my close friend for 28 years and I already miss you terribly.
    You have been such a loving friend to me, and I will so miss you and my “Jerri time” together. All our walks, our...  more
  • Sue Bartenstein
    We were so sad to hear the news of Jerri’s passing. Ivan, our hearts go out to you and your family and all of Jerri’s friends. William, we are thinking of you and your family too.

    Jerri was the youngest Idtse cousin. I will always remember her...  more
  • Shauna Jenkins
    Jerri was my sister-in-law. I am married to William, her brother. In a world that at this time seems so surreal, Jerri’s passing makes it feel even more so.

    My hope given Jerri’s diagnosis a couple of months ago, was to have some good, quality...  more
  • Sue Plunkett
    Ivan is my cousin, and we have lived in different states our whole lives.
    I only met Jerri one time just a few years ago at Ivan’s sister’s wedding.
    It didn’t take long for me to know that she was a very intelligent woman, friendly, fun, and...  more
  • Jody
    Oh Jerri. I honestly can’t find the words. You were a beautiful, complicated, loyal, brutally honest, fierce and generous friend. I have known you since we were little girls and we have wandering into and out of each other’s lives for decades. ...  more
  • Mary Ahlfeld
  • Mary Ahlfeld
  • Trip Mackintosh
    Jerri and Ivan were in California this last December. I was having some rough health issues and they took time to help and coach me. Reflecting on the time we had together, what stands out is Jerri's kindness, softness. She exudes a gentleness. I...  more
  • Shelley Flanagan
    In the midst of all this darkness I found out that my long-time friend, Jerri, had died of an aggressive and fast moving cancer two days ago. It's been hard to wrap my head around the fact that this dynamic, powerful woman is gone.

    Our history...  more
  • Ivan Koves
    Like most of us, Jerri was a complex bundle of contradictions. She was a combination of fire-breathing lawyer and vulnerable little girl. A lover of simple sunsets and extravagant combinations of colorful clothing and jewelry. A loyal, loving friend...  more
    From his 1991 Atlantic album "Marc Cohn".