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Marjorie Pak

Jane Ellen Riechers Pak

February 25, 1940 - August 05, 2021

We celebrate the life of Jane Ellen Riechers Pak. Please feel free to share your stories and memories here. Thank you! - Jane's family (Charles, Laura, Greg, and Marjorie Pak)

OBITUARY   Jane Ellen Riechers Pak passed away at her home in Dallas on August 5, 2021.   Jane was born on February 25, 1940, in Hammond, Indiana, to Theodore and Grace Riechers. She became valedictorian of Griffith High School in Griffith, Indiana, in 1958 and graduated with a B.A. in English from Oberlin College in 1962. She married Dr. Charles...  see more
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  • Faye Britton
    The celebration of Jane Pak’s life was beautiful. I learned many things about her that made her laugh with pure joy. Her family meant everything to her. Thank you for sharing so many cherished memories. You were truly blessed.
  • Scott and Kelly Bradley
    Jane was authentic! As real as they come. Down to earth, yet such intelligence! Such vitality for getting involved in meaningful pursuits.
    One of her greatest talents was convincing others to jump on the band wagon to make this a better world. She had...  more
  • Larry Camin
    I knew Jane through the League of Women Voters of Dallas. Jane was one of those people behind the scenes who make everything work and the world a better place without drawing attention to themselves. Jane never said anything bad about other people and no...  more
    • Larry Camin
      Larry Camin The above message is from Linda (not Larry) Camin
      • February 20, 2022
    • Larry Camin
      Anna Modrow I was privileged enough to meet Jane Pak through the Gloria Shields workshop. In all my interactions with Jane, I never felt uncomfortable or less then. She had an amazing ability to put everyone at ease. I’m a middle school librarian, and every time I...  more
      • March 27, 2022
  • Katherine Homan
    Life is like a journey on a train with its stations...changes
    of routes...and accidents. This train ride will be full of joy,
    sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hellos, and farewells.

    At birth, we board this train and meet our parents, who we believe...  more
  • Katherine Homan
  • Jonathan Bass
    Jane was a wonderful sister-in-law for more than 50 years. She was the Maid of Honor at our wedding in Kensington, Maryland. She helped Leslie make her wedding dress. That was just the beginning of what we did together. When our children were young we...  more
  • Catherine Kolkmeier
    I always knew Jane had an enormous impact on my life, but it was not until this lovely memorial that I realized just how deep her influence ran. It seemed that her goal for us as kids was to always seek out the next adventure, and she always encouraged...  more
  • Judy Babb
    The memorial was beautiful in every way. I cried. I laughed. Laura, Greg and Marjorie lifted me up. May God bless you all. I am so glad I was invited to this wonderful celebration of Jane's life.
  • Emily Clark
    I mostly knew Jane through book club, where I was always impressed with her knowledge and book choices.
    And I will always be grateful for her kindness to me when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. She gave me hope and good advice.
  • Fred Schurman
  • Cheryl S
    I've known Jane through a women's book group for a relatively long period of time, and was always impressed with her knowledge of literature. More recently, I began to get to know her personally in our Spanish class consisting of "senior...  more
  • Lynn Almy
  • Linda Wassenich
    I first met Jane when I worked with Camp Fire as the Associate Executive Director in charge of development and public relations. The responsibilities were enormous, and I needed an assistant. I approached Jane about helping me with the candy sale. She...  more
  • Miriam Foshay
    Jane was such a sweet, delightful woman. I knew her through LWV of Dallas, where she was a reliable volunteer. As a fellow alumna of Oberlin, she invited me and my husband to her home to listen to a presentation on behalf of the college. We shared many...  more
  • Miriam Foshay
  • Judy Babb
    I have known Jane for so many years. Laura became interested in journalism (a phenomenal journalist she was) and so did Jane. She found ways to support scholastic journalism by helping with the Gloria Shields Publications Workshop in Dallas. She was...  more
  • Suzanne Moore
    I have so many wonderful memories of Jane.
    These are just a few of them …

    Being a close friend of Margie, I spent a lot of time over at the Pak home. One memory I have is the opera or symphonic music playing over their speaker system. As Jane was our...  more
  • Marjorie Pak
    Katie Huber (age 13), granddaughter:
    "During the COVID pandemic, my mom suggested that I start a virtual book club with my grandma. As soon as we broached the idea to her, she was thrilled. We agreed to read Emma, by Jane Austen. I read through the first...  more
  • Marjorie Pak
    Emily Huber (age 9), granddaughter:
    "My grandma was a very kind grandma. She did puzzles with me, and I always got to pick. One of my favorites was a 300 piece puzzle, named Kling Klang Gloria, of a couple dancing together. My favorite part was a cabinet...  more