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Laurie Cook

James Edward Harwood

January 16, 1931 - January 01, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of James Edward Harwood. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual and in person gatherings, we will share details here. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

A life well lived. As he would have said, Outstanding!!How can I begin to capture the true essence of the most wonderful man in the world, my father?An exceptional family provider. By far the most responsible person I have ever known.A wonderful story-teller. A loving, supporting husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather.Someone you would want as a friend or neighbor. Always there to lend a hand when needed. And the most avid...  see more
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  • jon squicc
    James Harwood took great pride in his accomplishments, of which there were many.
    His experiences with the U.S Coast Guard, His work, of which he loved to talk about, included many interesting and sometimes humorous stories.
    A real outdoorsman, he loved...  more