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S Sullivan

James A Sullivan

February 26, 1941 - September 20, 2021

We created an online memorial to celebrate the life of our beloved James A Sullivan. Collecting your stories and memories here will help us celebrate his life. Thank you for sharing!

James A Sullivan III of Palmetto, FL died peacefully on Monday September 20, 2021 at the age of 80 years.  Beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, and uncle, he is survived by his loving wife of 34 years, Gundel (Danni), his children James IV and Shannon (Tom), his sisters Mary and Julie (George), nephews David (Connie) and Tom, nieces Dawn (Chris), Meryl (Paul), and Aimee (Dwayne), and grandchildren Thomas, Peter, and...  see more
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  • Meryl McKeever
    Uncle Jim, we are so grateful for all the time that we had with you and all the wonderful stories you’d tell. You brought so much joy, happiness and love into our lives and we are forever thankful for you. Thinking back to watching movies in your...  more
  • Kyle Davis
    • Kyle Davis
      Kyle Davis Dani my condolences to you and your family. What a honor to have met Jim and what a wonderful life he led. Kyle Davis
      • October 27, 2021
  • PCS
    The Schueler children loved their Uncle Jim. He would always play with them and had lots of fun when he visited NY or when we went to Michigan. He was a gentle giant and loved by all. We all will miss him.
  • Joan Pawlukiewicz
    It doesn't seem that long ago when I worked with Mr. Sullivan at VG, but I never forgot how kind he was. I have fond memories of working with him. To the Sullivan family, my deepest sympathy. Prayers and good thoughts are with you. Joan Pawlukiewicz
  • Bill Rogers
    Jim was a great guy. I never would have made it through my first years at HR Block without him. Oh how I enjoyed the many tax discussions we had. After he left there was a void that never got filled. I am so glad I got to know him and work with him. He...  more
  • Jim Schueler
  • Jim Schueler
    I have many fond memories of Uncle Jim and will miss him greatly! I have lots of those memories when he came to visit us during Christmases when I was just a kid. And the one that stands out the most was when we were all decorating the Christmas tree and...  more
  • Jake Schueler
    I am very grateful for Uncle Jim. He was generous and kind to me when I was a child. I’ll never forget the times he would visit us in New York and the fun experiences we had. I am thankful that he was apart of my life and will miss him greatly.
  • George and Julie Clark
    I have so many loving memories of my brother, Jim. Many are from our childhood. We were much in mischief and loved the outdoors. All year we looked forward to our Montana summer vacations. We loved exploring both on foot and horseback, and often raced...  more
  • George and Julie Clark
    My favorite memories go back to the times when Jim and Danni still lived in Michigan. Especially dear were the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter family gatherings at Helen's house. I remember Jim, Tom and Jimmy spending afternoons together at the Shores...  more
  • Joan Dragon
    I spent many important times of my life with Jim and Danni.
    We lived close in Florida, but not quite close enough to run over for a beer, altho we played a lot of golf together.
    We served together on the Board of Directors for Suncoast Jazz...  more
  • Aimee Trawick
  • Aimee Trawick
  • Aimee Trawick
  • Aimee Trawick
  • Aimee Trawick
  • Aimee Trawick
    Uncle Jim you were the best uncle anyone could ask for. You, my dad, and my big brother were (are) 3 of the men I look up to most in my life. You were always kind to us and always loved us. I will always remember how you used to take us out for ice cream...  more
  • Thomas Rockwell
    Dear Danni,

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Sully. He was a great guy, a great law partner, and a wonderful human being. We will keep him in our prayers.

    Much love to you, Tom Rockwell.
  • Thomas Clark
    My Uncle Jim always brought cheerfulness to any experience. Many fun times included his taking Jimmy and me to the movies and me with my family to sports events. He was always thoughtful and caring. When an injury caused me to be home bound, he visited...  more
  • Joan Mossner
    Many wonderful memories that we shared over the years.

    With love and friendship. Joan
  • Lawrence Barry
    Jim and Danni have been dear friends and condo neighbors for several years. Jim kidded that Eileen was his "hall monitor" as they met often during her daily walks in front of our apartments. He was a warm, friendly man who will be missed...  more
  • Lawrence Barry
  • He Rudon
    Heino & Hiltrud&Katja&Family
    Wir kennen Gundel seit 1948, so kennen wir auch Jim.
    Er war immer da für seine liebe Frau, ganz sicher auch an den vielen Tagen ihrer Zeit im Krankenhaus.
    Er liebte unseren Dredner Stollen zu Weihnachten. Den gab es für ihn...  more
  • He Rudon
  • Brad Hea
    I had three men in my life that I called "uncle", two of them were relatives, the other was my Uncle Sull! So many of my early memories involve him and his family. From going to football games at Michigan State and the Silverdome with my dad,...  more
  • Clifford Essig
    Jim will be GREATLY missed. We have tremendously enjoyed his friendship over the years, as well as Danni's. We have spent many fun evenings with them at the club house and other events among friends. They are always cheerful and caring. Jim and Danni...  more
  • S Sullivan
  • Tom & Lynne  Gaffey
    Condolences to the extended Sullivan family.
  • Danni  Sullivan
  • Thomas Peters
    In a law firm of litigators, Jim Sullivan was unafraid of any case! He had the greatest attribute that any trial attorney could have. He could disagree without being disagreeable! Rest In Peace, Sully! You have earned it!
  • Thomas Peters
  • Dawn Niemasz
  • Dawn Niemasz
  • Dawn Niemasz
  • S Sullivan
  • S Sullivan
  • Debbie Hea Karcher
    Our deepest condolences, Danni, Shannon and Jimmy. Uncle Sull was such an important part of my life from the beginning - all memories are of laughter and good times, he always brought joy to the room. May he rest in peace.
  • Robert Hetchler
    What a ride! 55 years of the more fun than mere mortals are ever supposed to have-especially lawyers. We laughed together, cried together, cheered each other on, listened to each other and solved the entire world's problems together on countless...  more
  • Dawn Niemasz
    My Uncle Jim will be missed more than words can express. He was a truly wonderful, caring, and loving human being. One of my fondest memories was how he would stop at my Grandma’s house on his way home from work to check on her and he always brought...  more
  • David Hea
    A true friend and confidant for 54 years. The memories are awesome, the travels remembered with smiles, and the friendship will never end. Rest In Peace, Uncle Sull.
  • Joanne  Gleason
    Jim will be missed by those who have known him. He was a kind, gentle, man who served with wisdom and integrity on the board of directors for our condo.
    Danni, I am so sorry for your loss. I know you adored him and supported him selflessly through...  more
  • David McGee
    Uncle Jim, you will be tremendously missed by everyone, especially by me. You were the best Uncle anyone could wish for, and be blessed to have - And that's an understatement in your case. From all the fun things we did together (family events,...  more
  • Danni  Sullivan
    Missing my beloved husband! Danni
  • thomas gaffey
    To my dear father in law. You will be missed!