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Ken Szubzda

Iris Atoji (Noma)

April 09, 1929 - June 24, 2020

Our dear mother and grandmother Iris Atoji was a humble and self-effacing woman who didn't like the spotlight. But upon her passing, we can't help but celebrate the life of this extraordinary woman. Your stories and memories are a blanket of comfort as we grieve her loss. She lives again through our shared...  see more

Iris Atoji lived a remarkable life, from internment camps during World War II, accomplished pianist, medical technologist, and beloved mother and grandmother. She's remembered for her rice balls during road trips, wonderfully wrapped birthday presents, and the way she read the Wall Street Journal from cover-to-cover. She worked full-time until 80 years old, never missing a day of work and earning a "most valuable worker" award. Her...  see more
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