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Ian C. Smith

October 17, 1948 - October 09, 2021

Welcome to the memorial page for Ian Smith. Feel free to leave a message below with your thoughts, condolences, or a story about your favorite memory with Ian. We look forward to seeing all of Ian's friends and family at the Celebration of Life service. For questions, contact Kirsten at 774-766-2152 or...  see more

Ian Smith passed away October 9, 2021, in his beloved home in Middleboro, MA which he helped build and lived in for 37 years. He was born in Blackburn, England on October 17, 1948, to Winifred and Frank Smith. His parents immigrated to America in 1950 and resided in Ocean Grove, NJ where his sister Alexandra was born in 1952. Ian and his parents became U.S. citizens and Ian’s uncle Jack also came to America.Ian was preceded in death by...  see more
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  • Melissa Guimont
    I am incredibly saddened to hear of Ian's passing. He was a wonderful patron to our town library and always so pleasant and happy to pick up his books-on-cd. I remember him coming in, fresh off of work, with his post office uniform on for many years...  more
  • Madeline Flynn
    Bob and I are so sorry to hear of Ian’s passing. Our prayers are with you, Terri and your family. Treasure your memories of happy times with Ian.
    ❤️Bob and Madeline Flynn
  • Rose O'Connor
    Dear Terri and family,
    I am so sorry for your loss of your dear husband! Please know that thoughts and prayers are sent your way! Hold on to the many memories you have and will cherish!