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Doug Warren

Herb Pounder

March 01, 1949 - March 05, 2022

This page is place to create a memorial for Herb. He probably would have hated this site. Sorry this can't be an open source page built and hosted just for him. Please share your stories and feeling if you would like. I think we all saw something special in this wonderful and extremely difficult...  see more

To say that Herb was a challenging relationship is clearly an understatement that we all understand.  The fact that so many of us hung with him all these decades is testament to the qualities that we appreciated in him, masked as they sometimes could be by the complications of his complex personality…    He was stubborn, like a dog with a bone he could hold on to an argument for the whole of your friendship.  And like that dog you...  see more
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  • Morris  Mottale
    A difficult friend, but a good friend. He will be missed.
  • Doug Warren
    Herb loved and took great solace from the natural world. Cover photo is of the beartooth absaroka wilderness in Montana. We backpacked there for a week back in 1980. We always talked about going back.
  • Doug Warren
    Herbs view on mine and his relative contributions and eventual demise...

    "you contributed more largely to the collapse than I did, so you bought a seat higher up on the Titanic, while I have to throw myself off into the whirling propellers..."
  • Doug Warren
    so many interesting things from Herb in my email. This one projects Herb's persona according to the Man HIMSELF. He listen to this when he was 6. "Mr Grump and the Dingle School Band"...  more
  • Doug Warren
    Herb was a friend and a mentor that sometimes made me to look at things I did not always want to see.