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Melissa Muir

Haydn Scholes

We have created this memorial to celebrate the life of Haydn Scholes. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Haydn will be sadly missed, but what a great life. What a great father, grandfather, husband and inspiration to many. We are asking people to share memories and photos of Haydn on this webpage. One of Haydn's greatest passions was for all things mechanical (Hayfix) and he dedicated his working life to such, such a good cause - renewable energy. The sheer engineering elegance of producing life sustaining energy from wind and sunlight...  see more
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  • Robin Curtis
    Etched in my memory - Haydn collecting me, after taking the overnight train from Paddington, at Perrnawell Station in 1984 - to take me to my new job at the Hot Rocks project.......working for Haydn. What had I let myself in for? 36 years...  more
  • Eleanor Buckley
    As Dad says, Haydn's hospitality and willingness to transport Brownies was a big feature of my childhood and my friendship with Melissa! The lift home from Brownies with Haydn via Costcutter, where we were allowed to buy a snack (I always had Nice And...  more
  • Chris Ramsey
    Haydn was our neighbour for over 30 years and was always ready with priceless technical knowledge and advice such as when solar panels were launched. Our daughter Eleanor and Melissa were close friends when at school and Haydn was generous with lifts and...  more
  • Holly Prisk
    He must have liked driving as he drove us (me, Melissa and Rosie) to Bristol and back in the sane day for a concert, as well as to the south of France on holiday.
    I will remember him with a rumbling chuckle and a disapproving tone! Rest well Haydn Rest...  more
  • Holly Prisk
    When we were teenagers I remember Haydn saying that he only had space in his brain for important things (his work) and not things like his children’s names or birthdays! He made the best desert using double cream and Maryland cookies! And he always...  more