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Kurt Klitzner

Harry Norman Klitzner

September 26, 1932 - July 29, 2020

Welcome to Harry Klitzner’s Memorial, Hello family and friends, thank you so much for visiting Harry's memorial. We hope the pictures and memories make you smile and recall the joy and love our father shared so easily. Select the Memories and Condolences section to see what people have written, and the...  see more

Harry Norman Klitzner, 87, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 with his beloved wife Ann by his side.  He was born on September 26, 1932 in Detroit, Michigan to the late Isadore “Charles” and Margaret Klitzner. Harry grew up an only child in Chicago. His father was a vaudeville comic who performed under the stage name “Charlie Country.” His mother, Margaret, was a stage dancer and performed in vaudeville reviews. One of...  see more
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  • Laura Turknette
    Ken and Laura Turknette

    Klitzner Family:
    Dads are the greatest! Yours was one of the best.
    We met Harry and Ann when Kathy and Erik married. He had a wonderful view of life. Laugh and enjoy was his mantra of living. His love and devotion to his...  more
  • Suzanne Marie
    How do you even begin to share memories when they go back as far...well as far back as you can remember? Thanks to three great men (Harry, John and Joe) three families became family, and time with them gave us a magical childhood. Walking into the...  more
  • Stephanie Cormier
    When I think of Harry (well, I really only remember calling him 'Mr. Klitzner';) I think of laughter. And, I think of the adoring way he always seemed to be looking at Ann. He would tease and smile, and always seemed to be jolly - at least that's how I...  more
  • Jay Ruby
    Baltra Place is a magical street, and I was lucky enough to live there growing up. It has been 36 years since I moved away, but it seems like I was just there yesterday. It is truly amazing when your neighbors become your long-life friends and family,...  more
  • Mark Murtaugh
    Harry, always dapper, the quintessential gentleman, the perfect family man (Fred Murray of My Three Sons), raising the perfect family (debatable) in Cleaver suburbia. That was my perspective of Harry. He always had, and shared his wry, funny...  more
  • Kyle

    It's easy to see how much you cherished us, your family, over everything. Kelly and I were lucky to experience so many years of that.

    The week-long visits dubbed "Camp Grandma" (sorry Grandpa) were the highlight of our summers back...  more
  • Jeanne Steinebrunner
    Dear Klitzner Family, I am a member of King of Glory Lutheran Church. I didn't know Harry very well as he and Ann went to the early service and I came to the late service with my husband and children. The few times I did interact with Harry, I was...  more
  • John Ruby
    We will so miss Harry, the Klitzner family patriarch. We have loved our near lifetime friendship with Harry and the Klitzner family. I heard of Harry before I got to meet and know him. After joining Raytheon-Santa Barbara in 1958, I often heard fellow...  more
  • Harriet Harrington
    Dear Erik, Todd and Kurt,

    We were so sad to hear about your Dad. As you may remember your Mom and Dad played in a bridge group with us from 1978 until 2010. We have many good memories of fun times with them. Here are all of the pictures we have of...  more
  • Eric  Ruby
    So many fantastic memories of Harry and the Klitzner family have come flooding back these past few days. Baltra Place was a very special place when we grew up there, and we were beyond fortunate to have been a part of it. It was like one big family and...  more
  • Donald Wilhelm
    I started working with Harry in the late 70's. I second the thought that he was a "class act" who always dressed well and carried himself with unmatched professionalism. A true gentleman who led by example while showing appreciaton for all...  more
  • Augie Miller
    Harry (or Mr Klitzner, as I knew him as a child) was the first sports super-fan I ever met. I was maybe five-years-old, and to this day remember the first time I stepped foot within that hallowed temple to the Los Angeles Lakers (Baltra branch) - the...  more
  • Gwyn Ciecalone
    Uncle Harry a "Class Act". I never got tired of Aunt Ann's stories of how Uncle Harry wined and dined her when they first met in Chicago...the days of cocktails, candlelit dinners and slow dancing. I'm sure he continued wining and dining Ann...  more
  • Kelly Klitzner
  • Kelly Klitzner
    Grandpa Harry from my perspective

    It’s a Monday afternoon - the school bell rings and it’s time to go home. You have already been in the parking lot for over an hour, making sure you’re first in line to pick us up. You ask Kyle and I where we want...  more
  • Susan Gennoe
    Harry was so lively and kind every time I had the pleasure to be around him. My nephews had a wonderful Grandpa in Harry and I know my sister Janet treasured him as a father in law. Prayers of peace for his wife, sons and all who were touched by him.
  • norman inoue
  • Erik K
    Dad taught me what was important in life, and I don’t remember the words. He taught me by what he did, in what was important to him. He taught me about character and how to treat other people. I took it for granted that it was how everybody grew up,...  more
  • Kurt Klitzner
    My father was such an inspiration to me.  As a boy he taught me how to laugh and how important humor was in my life. He showed me what true friendship looked like through the countless holiday gatherings with our beloved “second parents” Norman and...  more
    • Kurt Klitzner
      Susan Gennoe I know he had to be so proud of you and your brothers. He raised a great husband and father.
      • August 7, 2020
    • Kurt Klitzner
      Susan Derrick When I think of Harry I always see his smile and his jovial spirit. Harry always had a kind word and made everyone feel right at home. My mother and I were so blessed to be part of the Klitzner family for so many years. We enjoyed barbecues, dinners...  more
      • August 10, 2020
    • Kurt Klitzner
      David Bonning Just a comment to offer my condolences to the lovely Klitzner family. Those of us who were lucky enough to grow up in that time, and in that place along the Baltra and Inroz streets of Costa Mesa often have fond memories that have lasted decades.
      The...  more
      • July 22, 2021