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Hal Wood

March 24, 1953 - November 12, 2021

We created this memorial page to celebrate the life of Hal Wood. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Hal Wood (aka Woodie, Doc Wood, Wood, Babe, Daddy, Papa) died on November 12, 2021 in Kern County, California at the age of 68, as the result of a small airplane crash. Hal was born on March 24, 1953 in Wayzata, Minnesota. His parents were Dwight Gray Wood, a Minnesota native and World War II veteran, and Irma Virginia Peacock, a native of Washington state. Hal’s childhood was spent in Mound, Minnesota, getting into various...  see more
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  • Bonnie Schnadelbach
    Hal was a kind man and loved his family very much. The memorial letter is a beautiful tribute to him. Heaven is even better, if that is possible, with Hal.
  • Vincenza Testa
  • Willy Ettema
    Wies and Wiel Ettema-Leclair
    Hal was a very warm and lovely person. Husband of my oldust niece Marjo. If hé was with Marjo visiting, her hometown it always was a very Nice holiday, lots of laughs and great fun. Always interested in how everybody was...  more
  • Scott Robinson
  • John  Pluijmen
    It was somewhere in 1979 when we met Hal for the first time, he came with Marjo to visit Holland.

    I immediately found Hal to be a sympathetic and especially interested man, he wanted to know everything about everything.
    We visited numeral places in the...  more
  • Sheila Mergeanian
    Hal & Marjo were my first friends to get married. How young and innocent we all were back then. They had a beautiful Fall theme for their wedding at a hotel with a lovely ballroom in Redondo Beach. I, as a bridesmaid, even loved our dresses. Claudette...  more
  • Mark Rumsey
    Had an amazing time flying with Hal in both the sailplane and the Zenith. I also loved talking with him out on the fields behind our homes. Hal was a wonderful neighbor and a great friend!
  • Mark Rumsey
    SailPlane with Hal
  • Martha McGowan
    Shared quality time with Hal and family in early days of La Cresta. Treasured memories of our families fun and some adventure were always part of our times. I personally learned many things Hal shared with me and am grateful to have known such a...  more
  • Rick Rogers
    "Far better is it to take a chance and win glorious victory and triumph, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who live in the grey twilight and have tried neither." [Anonymous]
    Hal never spent a single...  more
  • Cheri Escarra
    Rodney and I enjoyed spending time with Hal when he came to New Orleans. His adventures always kept us entertained. We shared our faith together along with our hopes and dreams for the beloved children and grandchildren God gave us together. Having...  more
  • Nathalie Escarra
    We were so grateful to have been able to enjoy precious days with Hal. Jonathan remembers the Krav maga lessons, tiki time, and stories shared of great adventures. We both recall the way he cared so well for his grandchildren, Marjo, and Nicole, and the...  more
  • Rachael Johnson
  • Rachael Johnson
    Hal and Marjo attended our small group bible study at our home every week. (Photo shows some of us here - I am behind the camera on this one) Hal had a keen knowledge of God’s Word, loved Jesus, and had the kindest and most gentle spirit. Don’t...  more
  • Ingrid Muijs
    I first met Hal in 1988 when I was visiting their home in California as a niece of Marjo from the Netherlands. Hal immediately gave me a warm feeling of welcome. He went horseback riding with me and arranged a flight with a friend's glider. And although...  more
  • Matthew Escarra
    After dating Hal's daughter Nicole for a few months, it came time to meet her dad. Based on all I had heard about this highly intelligent Navy SEAL who practiced numerous martial arts, I needed to prepare myself for the worst by watching "Meet the...  more
  • Kevin AndKim Mickna
    Woodie, from boot camp to seaman apprentice school to BUD/S we were two kids out of high school feeding off each other's enthusiasm as we pursued our dream job to be frogmen. In boot camp we volunteered for marching party just to get the extra workouts....  more
  • Nicole Escarra
    Hal, son Aaron, and son-in-law Matt snorkeling in California in 2016.
  • Nicole Escarra
    My dad after participating in the Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim in 2017
  • Christopher McCowen
    You'll always be in my thoughts. Thanks for being a friend and mentor. I'll miss our phone conversations greatly.
  • Randy Rhodes
    My condolences to the family. I was saddened to hear of my BUD/S classmate’s passing. Having been married over 47 years myself I can only imagine the heartache and grief that Marjo must be feeling at this tragic moment. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • Billy Allmon
    Woodie was one of the finest Navy SEALs that I had the honor of working with. His humor, and professionalism made him the guy that you always wanted by your side… See you on the other side Woodie, I’ll need you to sneak me through those pearly gates!...  more
  • Cindy MacIntosh
  • Phil Kallenberger
    There are no words ... Pilots just fly away ....
  • Phil Kallenberger
    Hal practicing his roll ...
  • Phil Kallenberger
  • Tom Phillips
  • Tom Phillips
    This is Hal & Me in the Zenith. Hal was an experienced glider pilot I met through the club. He was a diligent student who wanted to learn as much as he could about flying power planes. We enjoyed each others' company at the glider club as both of...  more
  • Marsha  Swanson
  • Miranda Wood
    The best Papa in the whole world.
  • Jim and Gayle  Batchelor
  • Kelli Benner
    I'm SO sad to hear of Hal's passing!! He was a man of honor!!!
  • Kelli Benner
  • Mary Rust
    Hal was always so helpful to me out at the airport! We will all miss him so much!
  • Mary Rust
  • John Osborne
  • Tom Phillips
  • Darlene Seale
  • Jessica Stone
  • Lisle Gese
  • Ryan Gese
    Hal was an amazing person and a great example. He always made an effort to say hi and talk to me and that meant more than i can express with words. He will be sorely missed, but i very much look forward to seeing him again.
  • Sabrina Gese
  • Gail Nottberg
    Hal was always so much fun, and someone that was genuine to the core.
    A great Dad, Husband and friend, He will live in our hearts forever.
  • Greta Eskridge
  • Jan Blomqvist
    I met Hal for the first time some years ago at a Melbourne wedding and within all the the activities around the wedding. A few years later we saw each others on a nice gathering in Arizona where we had great time together. Hal took us all on gliding...  more
  • Matthew Escarra