• Gerry's Celebration of Life Service

    Jul 20, 2022, 4:00 PM US/Eastern

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Cheryl Westbrook

Gerry McDade

November 02, 1949 - July 11, 2022

Update: Gerry's Celebration of Life Service will be held next Wednesday, the 20th of July. Please see EVENTS (located under Gerry's picture) for details. Dear sweet friends, Welcome to the GatheringUs memorial site to celebrate the life of Gerry. It is my hope that all who visit here will share...  see more

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  • Rosa Dargan-Powers
    There are so many memories of Gerry, most of which involve adventures and fun things with the kids. Like the day when Sawyer and a bunch of boys were at our house and Gerry shows up, unexpected and unannounced, on his motorcycle with the side car. He...  more
  • Nikki McKenna
    We called him Gerry Dangerous. It was one of the first times on my own, at my mother’s house, with my young boys in Edgemont. Gerry rambled up to the house on the 4th of July. I hadn’t known him and since it was mother’s house, I figured she must...  more
  • Wayne  Archer
    I had the pleasure of riding with gerry during my 5 years at ASU. We had many conversation and fun times. This was the old crew that traveled to races as we followed him in his alfa Rameo and bike in the back seat. RIP my friend.
  • Steven Matteson
    I don’t remember days, but I do remember moments. I have several moments I can recall over the past 51 plus years when I first met Gerry at Aurora University. We were roommates and became good friends. We both had a common core of interests that we...  more
  • Sonni  Dyer
    I met Gerry in ‘89 at the height of his cycling passion. Showing up at a group ride in Lenoir one night, Gerry immediately adopted me &became my first cycling ‘coach’. Over the next few years we traveled to numerous bike races in an Alpha or bmw....  more
  • Jay Jenkins
    I’ve known Gerry for the past 51 years. Classmates in college, he was resourceful and very curious about people. Almost a childlike curiosity that never faded in all the years I’ve known him. We were opposites who enjoyed sharing of ourselves what...  more
  • Dakota Westbrook
    There are moments belonging to memory that move by you in dreamlike recollection, long forgotten and now remembered in the sounds of a river, the gust of wind over a particular hillside, the moving of the brush before a great clearing. I’ve started...  more
  • Phillip McDade - Muma
  • Jonathan  Morgan
    I first met Gerry McDade In Guatemala City when he was riding his BMW motorcycle and I was at the dealership getting parts for mine. He rode back to antiqua and I took the chicken bus and we spent the next few days together becoming great friends. That...  more
  • Sabrina Jones
    I am so saddened by the loss of this iconic man who was a staple in the Boone and Blowing Rock communities. He shared a special place in my life as the partner of our beloved Squirrel. He shared many evenings at my table and I always enjoyed running...  more
    Gentry Creek Falls  November 2016