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Cori Seyhoon Kayci Browne

Geraldine Cassens

March 02, 1945 - June 15, 2022

We created this memorial to celebrate the life of Geraldine Cassens. We would greatly appreciate you sharing your stories, memories, and pictures here. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for being a part of her life and contributing to this lasting memorial.

Geraldine Rose Cassens, born in Oswego, NY on March 2, 1945 passed away peacefully in her sleep on June 15, 2022. Aged 77, she leaves behind her brother, Peter Pick, his wife, Margaret, her two beloved daughters, Kayci Browne and Cori Seyhoon, her son-in-law, Soroosh Seyhoon, and her grandchildren Maya, Kaz, Kaelan, Zayden, and Zealand. Her positivity and joyful spirit had a profound impact on all those she met.Geri was born in an...  see more
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  • Peter Stein
    One of the sweetest, most lovely people I ever knew, it was my great luck to have known and loved Geri during our high school years. We lived around the corner from each other in Washington Heights and hung out on the “wall” on 161st St and Riverside...  more
  • Lindsye Parker
    When Geri first passed, it was impossible for me to write this. How do you compact a 50 year best friendship? Let me try. When Geri and I were first introduced by Brother Billy -- the 3rd member of our eventual posse who proclaimed Geri and I were a...  more
  • Sandy Schmedes
    So hard to see all these wonderful pictures of my fantastic friend ! Geri and I had the fortune of being close from 2001 to present. She bought my house on Cape Cod and we just hit it off so well. We had many fun years together ! We traveled a lot and...  more
  • Corinne Harrington
    Dr. Cassens had supervised me when I was a post doctoral fellow at the Institute of Living (1995-1997). Typically, I met with her after I tested a child, teenager or adult. She would look at the data and right away have impressions. I would marvel at...  more
  • Michael Fulco
    From Michael Fulco

    I first met Geri in 1988, a couple of years after she came to Hartford to start the postdoctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at the Institute of Living. Her reputation grew each year, as she sponsored high-powered professional...  more
  • Judy/Lindsy Parker
  • Leah Bassoff
  • Leah Bassoff
    I have so many wonderful memories of my Aunt Geri. She always got a kick out of everything, was the life of every gathering, and loved bringing people together. She took me to my first Rockettes show at Radio City Music Hall, hosted me in Connecticut...  more
  • Susan Immergut
    I was so sorry to hear about Geri's passing. It has struck me hard although I hadn't been friends with her since jhs when we were in 7SP1 in jhs 115 in WAshington Heights. We were 11 years old. Geri absolutely glowed in that second seat in the first row...  more
  • Bruce Bassoff
    I knew Geri for close to 60 years, so I have many, many great memories of her. The one I would like to share reveals, I think, her wonderful spirit. One summer many years ago Geri traveled with my wife and me to France, where we stayed in Paris and...  more
  • Evi Bassoff
    I first met Geri in September 1958 at George Washington High School in Manhattan. We quickly became best friends. She was the friend of (and over) a lifetime: great-hearted, funny, adventurous, smart, undaunted and 100% trustworthy. The daughters of...  more
  • Cori Seyhoon Kayci Browne
  • Cori Seyhoon Kayci Browne
  • Cori Seyhoon Kayci Browne
  • Cori Seyhoon Kayci Browne
  • Cori Seyhoon Kayci Browne
  • Cori Seyhoon Kayci Browne
  • Cori Seyhoon Kayci Browne
  • Cori Seyhoon Kayci Browne