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Gerald W. Weinheimer

We are creating a virtual memory book for family to record memories, photos, and videos of Daddy/Grandpa/Brown Grandpa.

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  • Grandpa dancing with grandkids at Kyle and Mariah's wedding reception
  • Family Reunion 2007
  • Family Reunion 2008
  • July 2016
  • Amazing Race 2016, Robert and Grandpa were partners
  • Grandpa sharing stories from his childhood at Jakob and Minnie Weinheimer reunion luncheon
  • Grandpa telling stories at a Jakob and Minnie Weinheimer reunion luncheon
  • Grandpa in the world senior games
  • Matthew Putt
  • Matthew Putt
  • Matthew Putt
  • Alan Kearl
    I met Gerald Weinheimer at Thanksgiving of 1979. I traveled to his house to ask for the hand of his daughter, Beckie, in marriage. I was nervous, he was amused. He said something like, "Well she's pretty high strung, better you than me". I...  more