• Memorial for Georgia

    Sep 24, 2022, 3:00 PM US/Eastern

Memorial Created By
Emily Peck

Georgia Tenore Jadick

April 16, 1943 - June 05, 2022

Please share your stories, pictures and memories of Georgia. There will be a memorial for Georgia at Clay Art Center on Saturday, September 24 from 3-5pm at Clay Art Center. All are welcome to attend. If you'd like to donate in memory of Georgia, please consider supporting Clay Art Center's scholarship...  see more

Obituary Georgia passed away on June 5, 2022, her 28th wedding anniversary. Born in Mt. Vernon, she grew up there and in Harrison, New York. She lived in Cape Cod and New Jersey. The daughter of Irving and Anne (née Urso) Tenore; sister to Lucia and Anne; mother of Jeremy, Sandra and Alex Bisceglia; wife to Paul Jadick; step-mom to Necole; grandma to Sivan, Demi and Rocco; Aunt Georgia, second mom, teacher and dear friend to many….she...  see more
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  • Ilene  Haigh
    Georgia was a gift. I cannot remember when I started to learn with her, I think that it must have been ten years. I studied with Georgia on Zoom during the pandemic.....she was an extraordinary light. Gracious and generous with her teaching, her...  more
  • Emily Peck
    From Barbara Kobren-

    Some people dance with their feet and others play music with their lips. Georgia gave us a heart full of art with her hands. She will always be remembered in my life for her gift of clay….and a firm strong lip!

    With so much...  more
  • Kitty Agro
    I had the pleasure of being in Georgia’s class since 2017. Georgia was a wonderful person, great teacher and mentor. Her class was always so much more than just a pottery class. While she taught us how to hone our skills and make wonderful useful...  more
  • Loren Maron
    How do you sum up the life of this incredible human in only a few words? Georgia was my friend and I considered her a mentor, although i was never officially in any of her classes. She was so encouraging with thoughtful suggestions and constructive...  more
  • Zivart House
    Georgia was like bright sunshine, a breath of fresh air, always cheerful, and had a beautiful smile.
    She was passionate about pottery, loved teaching, and was always well prepared for her demos. Georgia had a way of imparting her knowledge and...  more
  • Claire Cohen
    She was one of my first teachers. . .kind, generous and so supportive. She pushed me to grow as an artist, showed me after many attempts on my own how (finally!) to throw something taller than six inches, and encouraged me to join the Artist Community. ...  more
  • Jeanne Carreau
    Holding Georgia’s porcelain bowl with olive celadon and Charley D White glazes instantly makes me feel her embrace. The craftsmanship is flawless, it’s just the right size, it’s beautiful in a quiet, not flashy way. Georgia was a consummate...  more
  • vicky youngman
    I loved taking classes with Georgia back when they were held in what is now the Gallery. I learned SO much from her. She was kind, gracious and forgiving, especially when she slipped and fell on some water I had failed to wipe off the floor! I'll...  more
  • Karen Ford
    These photos were taken at a lunch i hosted for Georgia's 70th Natalie's 75th and Nancy and Ellen's 60th Birthdays in 2013. I found these goofy sunglasses that i made the birthday women put on. It was a lovely, fun, day. Georgia was my firing partner;...  more
  • Kate Hetman
    Georgia was my teacher, friend, life coach, and "pottery mom" -- I am at a loss without her. But she is with me everytime I sit at the wheel, fire a kiln, help a student. I was blessed to have known her, as we all were, and cherish all the...  more
  • Reena Kashyap
    Georgia oh Georgia! How you loved life and how we loved you!
    Your absence has left a huge hole in my heart and I find myself searching for memories to fill them
    Memories of your dish at our famous studio potlucks, of your love of food, eating food,...  more
  • David Kosak
    God’s Face Shown Upon Her: The Death of a Teacher

    I just learned that one of my beloved pottery teachers died after a year long battle with cancer. I was an active hobby potter for seven years and my first instructor was Georgia Tenore. After a stint...  more
  • Bruce Fern
    I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Georgia. My condolences to her family and friends, and for all of us connected to CAC. Georgia taught me about your "color pallette". It changed my work forever. She will be missed.
    Bruce Fern
  • Betsy Isles
    Georgia welcomed me into her Tuesday evening classes in 2012 and I stayed for several years. Always positive and supportive and filled with great ideas. I was teaching middle
    School art and ceramics at the time and always looked forward to Georgia’s...  more
  • Justine Stokes
    Georgia was my virtual teacher during the first wave of the pandemic. Our class became the highlight of my week. I didn’t live close enough to use the studio in person, but Georgia went out of her way to order and pick up clay and materials for me....  more
  • Justine Stokes
  • Maggie c
    Georgia was my first teacher when I joined CAC, she was always generous in sharing her knowledge. She made me feel comfortable through her caring and love for others. She will be greatly missed. We need more people like her to make this world a better loving place.
  • Kate Hetman
  • Emily Peck
    This is a clip from the video when Georgia was honored at Hand in Hand in 2012 alongside fellow longtime CAC teachers Keiko Ashida and Jeanne Carreau.
    Georgia Tenore video - Made with Clipchamp_1654547164023.mp4
  • Emily Peck
    A few pictures of Georgia in her element as a CAC teacher.
  • Emily Peck
    Georgia was a Clay Art Center teacher for more than 20 years. See her in action in a demo she filmed in 2020 for our virtual artist demo series.
    Georgia Tenore discusses the importance of drawing as part of the initial planning process for making ceramic lids and stacking pots, as well as being a part of the surface elements of the finished piece. Elements such as proportions, placement, motifs ar...