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Annie Chu

Gary L. Tsao

October 27, 1959 - January 03, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Gary L. Tsao. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort and help us appreciate Gary's life and what he means to all of us. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for...  see more

  On Sunday, January 3, 2021, Gary Liang Tsao passed away peacefully after a brief illness at 61. Gary was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Monterey Park, California, as the youngest of a family dedicated to the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the medical arts. He attended Garfield High School for 9th and 10th grades and graduated from Monterey Bay Academy in Watsonville, CA. Gary graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of...  see more
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  • Jose Barraza
  • Jose Barraza
    There’s not one day that goes by that I don’t think about you my friend. You were there from me since I was a young child, over 20 years. You were always there for me when I needed any sort of advice. I will never forget our last conversation we had...  more
  • Prasit Ben Vassantachart
  • Prasit Ben Vassantachart
    One of Gary's ways to help during AIDs/HIV epidemic (1980's) was to dispense condoms and distributions of educational materials to 5 local colleges in their restrooms and locker rooms. Weekly he checked the vending devices, repaired the vandalism and...  more
    Mission of Vending Devices
  • Prasit Ben Vassantachart
    Private burial event during the COVID-19 pandemic for the safety of Gary's friends. Sweet Bye and Bye (special to Gary with two copies of this song in his music folder) sang by Bryan Oshiro. Thank you Pastor Dean for the loving message and framed...  more
  • Prasit Ben Vassantachart
    The background sunset scene during the Celebration of Gary's Life event was a photo that Gary personally took in Maui during his trip with his godchildren and grand-godchildren. Gary was man with many talents and passions besides his genuine kindness,...  more
  • Alberta  Yong
  • Amanda  Loeak
    Our last meal together in 2020. ❤️
  • Amanda  Loeak
  • Marilene Wang
  • William Andress
    What impressed me most about Gary, was how he seemed to be involved in so many of the church's activities; whether it be singing in the men's choir, demonstrating his culinary skills, being a mentor to our youth, or just in his quiet way offering a word...  more
  • Pamela Yong
    Pam Yong

    To Gary's friends: My heart refuses to accept he is gone, but deep down I know its true.  This is a painful loss because Gary was the God -sent faithful, loving, good friend we all sorely needed & were lucky  to have in our lives even if...  more
  • Yarnie Cheng
    Greg and I yarnie misses Gary his quiet smiles and warm vibes. We dine together when we can get him as he keeps himself busy. I’m glad he got to be an author writing what he lives best. Thanks Gary for your love to all of us we will remember you always...  more
  • Albert Yong
  • James Tan
    Many of us will miss Gary (and Gordon) while on this earth. We've had many good times together during the years of starting the Loma Linda Chinese Young Adults group. The many camping trips, hikes, Saturday evening socials, Sabbath School discussions...  more
  • James Tan
  • DaYong Ohana
  • Kay Zane
  • Margie Brodeur
  • Marilene Wang
    Gary and Gordon were two of the first friends I made when I first moved to Loma Linda to attend La Sierra. Gary had a heart of gold (so did Gordon but he had a gruffer exterior), and we had some great times together, playing Rook, going on camping...  more
  • Waylene Swensen
    During the worst of times in my young life, (soul crushing 20 weeks of gross anatomy, summer in smoggy, ugly, Loma Linda) glumly facing an inundation of textbooks, my sister, about to go spend Saturday night with her boyfriend, suggested, “why don’t...  more
  • Prasit Ben Vassantachart
    One of Gary’s children books. The Gumball Machine by Gung Gung Gary.
  • Prasit Ben Vassantachart
  • Allen Hwang
    Gary was such a kind and accepting person. A friend and mentor at Loma Linda and residency. He never complained. Just made the best of the situation. No matter how much work, stress, day or night, he just got the work done and usually ended up...  more
  • Valarie Campbell
    Gary and his family were lifelong friends and his mother was the Maid of Honor at my parents wedding. What I recall about our early childhood was how I wanted to watch "Batman" when we went to visit their family and I wasn't allowed in the...  more
  • Annie Chu