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Memorial Created By
Pam Noritake

Gary Higa

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate Gary's life. Collecting your stories, photos, and videos will be a tremendous blessing to Traci, Natalie, Scot, Gary's mom, and siblings. We will use your memories to create physical memory books. Please see the Events on the right to view up-to-date Memorial...  see more

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  • Heidi Sasaki
    First, I must say I have one little regret-that I never got to personally pray with Gary. I did not know of his prayer warrior status, though I am not surprised to learn it! I'm sorry that I missed out on that. Now when I pray for you and your family,...  more
  • Heidi Sasaki
    • Heidi Sasaki
      Heidi Sasaki Thanksgiving 2018 with flat Stella
      • November 16, 2021
  • Stephanie Salcido
  • Ryan Salcido
    I had the pleasure of knowing Uncle Gary, as he was one of the sweetest people I have ever known. He was a very compassionate and caring uncle to me. I remember when playing a family game called 'Recycle,' he and I were on the same team and would cheat...  more
  • Stephanie Salcido
    There is no one memory to share about Gary. It’s mostly his quiet demeanor, giving nature, and that he had an open ear that reminds us about him. He was always willing to listen and genuinely cared about what you had to say. I smile when I think of...  more
  • Evan Salcido
    Uncle Gary was an amazing uncle to Ryan and I. Very easy going guy and great to converse with. When I was younger, Uncle Gary would share his passion of cars with me. He would play hot wheels (car toys) with me and help me set up tracks to roll my hot...  more
  • Jill Reichner
  • Melanie Baggao
    It was an honor and a joy to serve alongside Gary on the Prayer Team at Epic Church. I've been greatly blessed by his prayers and support over the years. His kind spirit, steadfast countenance, and smile will greatly be missed this side of heaven....  more
  • Jonathan and Jill Hatcher
  • S. Wong
  • Paul Lange
    Gary and his family have been our neighbor's for many years. When I would be driving to and from home, if Gary was outside, he would go out of his way to wave to me as I drove by. It always made me smile and feel a little bit "special". I miss...  more
  • Riki Eijima
    When I was about 3.5, I was always jealous that my newborn sister got to accompany my parents to Uncle Gary and Auntie Traci's wedding instead of me. Perhaps 3.5-year-old me knew that I would be missing out on getting to meet the beloved Uncle Gary! I...  more
  • Mark Oshima
    I met Gary at Evergreen South Coast almost 25 years ago. He was a true servant of the Lord. Always willing to help, always willing to listen. You could always count on Gary to pray for you, and when he said he would, you knew you were covered. Thank you,...  more
  • Wendy Saito
  • Stacy Skredsvig
  • Donna Hazama
  • Winston Woo
    Gary was one of the first people I met when I first attended ESC Church (later Epic) as a new college graduate. I remember first shaking his hand, and man, it was like solid rock! If you have ever been prayed for by Gary, it truly was blessing in...  more
  • Rebecca Hong
  • Rebecca Hong
  • Aud Rey
    Gary’s eyes sparkled. His smile spread ear to ear. He shifted his weight. A couple times he blushed. Although generally mellow, Gary couldn’t contain his excitement about Traci, the woman he was falling in love with.

    I had the honor of getting to...  more
  • Paul Chun
  • Hiron Ju
  • Rebecca Hong
    James and I had the honor of knowing Gary through our church days at ESC and Epic. While many of our memories are of Gary walking alongside us in prayer, always non-judgmental, and full of grace, these pictures of him also highlight his fun side and...  more
  • Scott Kimoto
  • Mabel Kong
  • Cheryl Park
  • Jane Nakamura
  • Erika Simpson
  • Jean Somphone
  • Russ & Marlys Kuruma
  • Rick Akiyama
  • Julie Bolger
    I have known and loved Gary since he and Traci started dating (21 years).
    I was rooting for him as Traci's partner, and was thrilled when she finally said yes! I have loved him from afar, and then was able to meet him up close. He and I shared the same...  more
  • Ashlee Bryan
    I don't remember how it started, but Gary and I would always greet each other with a loud and enthusiastic "CUUUZZZZZ!" - short for "cousin" - and a big hug. To me, that funny greeting represents the bond we had, and I know I was so...  more
  • Tomi E
    Uncle Gary was always so kind to my family and me. I'll always remember my first Thanksgiving away from home and he made me feel welcomed like we had known each other for so long! He also cooked the delicious turkey. I will miss him very much.
  • Tomi E
  • Derek Li
  • Joyce Murakami
    My connection to Gary started before he and Traci started dating and even before I met him. We share the same birthday. And it wasn’t until later that I found out that his sister was Lori. She and I were in Inochi, a performing arts group at Plymouth...  more
  • Russell Kido
  • Dawn Inouye
  • Janna Louie
  • Jenny Leung
  • C 50
  • Jill Pang
  • Jill Pang
  • Coleen Nakamura
  • Traci Higa
    Thank you everyone for the tremendous amount of support and love you have shown our family. I was wondering if any of you have any memories of anything Gary told you about Natalie or Scot if you would share them so that they will have something tangible...  more
  • Stacy Sum
  • Stacy Sum
    We will always remember Gary as someone who was kind, gentle, and genuine. Gary's gentle smile reflected the assurance of his faith in Jesus. We were always blessed by Gary's prayers as he was such a Prayer Warrior. We are rejoicing now, as we can...  more