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Taylor Basso

Franklin William MacIntyre III

May 24, 1961 - August 20, 2020

The greatest gift we can receive are your memories. Please use this platform to share your favorite photos, stories & memories shared with Will MacIntyre throughout his life. We hope to collect as many stories as possible to create a book of his greatest moments that the family can turn to & cherish for a...  see more

Will MacIntyre was a man who cast a large wake in life, in both the literal sense doing what he loved most out on the water, but also figuratively in the hearts and lives of every person who had the pleasure of knowing him. When you live as thoroughly as Will, you don't depart this life without leaving a vast pool of loved ones soaking up every ripple of your cherished memory. While we know that Wills impact on this world is...  see more
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  • Peggy Schipper
    Shortly after Tammy and Will started dating, I visited with both of them one evening at Tammy’s Apartment on Nobel Drive. It was the first chance Will and I had to spend some one on one time together. I was immediately struck by his genuine interest in...  more
  • Jim Reopelle
    Big Will, I know you are reading these in between boat rides
    . You must know how much you are missed and loved. You and I became instant friends when you sold me The Palace and we had lot's of laughs and drinks on the water , at football games, and...  more