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Brian Horton

Eileen Syme Horton

July 31, 1944 - February 14, 2019

This memorial page is a place to celebrate Eileen Horton's life. Please share your photos and memories in honor of this beautiful, loving, supportive, and strong woman.

Eileen Syme Horton passed away peacefully at home on the morning of February 14th in Santa Barbara, CA. She spent her final days surrounded by the love of friends and family, who will always remember her as a beautiful, loving, supportive, and strong woman.Eileen was born in Provo, Utah on July 31st, 1944, to George and Janice Syme, and was the fifth child of her parent’s six children. Eileen always had a great love for music, and her...  see more
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  • Brian Horton
    A lovely photo of my Mom and Dad.