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Michael Ogezi

Dr. Esa Oga

We created this memorial to celebrate the life of Dr. Esa Oga. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

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  • Debo Adeagbo
    This doesn't make sense,but in the midst of this chaos we trust in the Lord and we keep our anchor tied down to Him. I pray your beautiful soul finds eternal rest. May the entire family find peace and comfort
  • Debo Adeagbo
  • Osarogie Ukato
    This is too hard to comprehend. Only God knows why you had to leave. We can’t question the Almighty God but we take solace knowing you’re resting in His bosom. I pray He grants your brilliant, amazing soul eternal rest and forever uphold and continue...  more
  • Osarogie Ukato
  • Jide Oyelami
    You're gone way too soon Esa! You left when the ovation was loudest.
    We celebrate your life and thank you for your service to humanity. You will surely not be forgotten for the stand-up-guy you were. We take solace knowing that your spirit lives on in...  more
  • Victor Alade
    It is sad to wish you good bye. The pleasant memories of hardwork,dedication, courage,jokes,smiles linger in our heart.You are missed now and always.
    Say hi to Dr.Victor Nwatu in the after world.
    Adieu Dr.Esa Ochapa Oga. Rest well.
  • Changkat Lucky
    My own Dr Oga Esa, you were so passionate about your work and service to humanity, you lived and died for it! My tears will never dry and your memories will never fade in my heart! You were a great man and an inspiration to a lot of our younger...  more
  • Stephen Sasetu
  • Chi-kadibia Ukoma
    Dear Dr Oga, your death in the line of duty while trying to save another was highly regrettable. Surely, your sacrifice will not go unrewarded. May God rest your gentle soul and grant consolation to your dear ones and family.
    Rest in peace brother
  • Helen Akilozi
  • Esther Audu
    Dr. Oga, you were a vibrant and friendly soul always having a smile. We in the ART unit will miss your contribution to the PMTCT program.
    You came to me for guidance on planning our next Continuing Medical Education (CME), alas, it is not to be!! Your...  more
  • Isa Oboirien
    Esa, my man. We met 2017 in DASH and we’ve been brothers since then. You are just a pure and sweet soul. One of the realest human being I’ve come across. I liked your sincerity, work ethic and respect for others. You thought me how to love others...  more
  • Paul Agbo
    Ugeski paddy...a long time. Since secondary school, to University , to postgraduate ans dinally DASH
    You were a loyal friend...
    You didnt deserve to die now in our opinion...but God knows best.
    Reat on bro
  • Blessing Agada
    Ugesco Paddy! Really sad to hear of your passing. You were such a good and jovial person. A Doctor with a passion for your patients. Dr Esa you have left a big vacuum but in all we thank God for allowing you pass this earth and giving us the opportunity...  more
  • Helen Agbonika-Abel
    We received the new of your home call with heavy heart and total submission to the will of God.

    When we heard that you were ill, we prayed, hoped and trusted God for your healing and restoration but His will prevailed.

    What can we say and who are we to...  more
  • John Orinya
  • John Orinya
    Dr Esa Oga, your death is devastating, soul-tearing, depressing, and a horror too terrifying to behold. Your death has done a deadly blow on the entire Agila community and the medical profession and the pain caused is severely excruciating! One situation...  more
  • Amaka Acho-Obi
    I feel totally heart broken writing a condolence Esa. This was not the plan. But I am consoled that when the trumpet of God shall sound, we would reunite in God's kingdom where there's no pain or sorrow. May the Holy Spirit comfort your lovely wife and kids.
  • Anne Osemekeh
    As dificult as this task is - writing a condolence message - it is also heartfelt. I am deeply pained by your untimely and unexpected passing. I was hoping to see you at one of our meetings in Abuja, only to hear you were called home. Rest in peace, Esa....  more
  • Ene Obande
  • Ene Obande
    Rest in peace, Esa. My condolences and sympathies to his close friends and family, sending hugs. Our hearts are with you
  • Adama Yusuf
    I must say that the news of a death has never had me so devastated as the death of my brother, my friend as the death of Dr Esa.
    I can remember so clearly 3months ago we met coincidentally in gwarimpa and we hugged each other and greeted. I was accusing...  more
  • Bello Awulu
    Esa Ochapa Oga, Ugesco la-la ❗It is shocking, it puts the absolute fear of God in me and it drives in the mystery of God down deeper in me, but your warm and vivacious persona lives on in our hearts. Amiable Ugesco, rest peaceful in the bosom of our LORD
  • Adah Elachi
    You were full of life and activity. You heeded a call and unfortunately died while fulfilling a call to save a life. You are indeed a good example of what a doctor should be. God bless your soul and grant you eternal rest. You will be fondly remembered.
  • Bello Awulu
  • Jonah Musa
    • Jonah Musa
      Anne Osemekeh As dificult as this task is - writing a condolence message - it is also heartfelt. Your untimely demise is painful to say the least. I was looking forward to seeing you at one of our meetings in Abuja, after over 30 years after my brief stay in FGCU,...  more
      • December 18, 2021
    • Jonah Musa
      helen odeigah With uncontrollable tears still rolling down my cheeks, I am still in shock. For whatever reason, your untimely death touched me so deeply. Maybe because I saw your beginning, how we always ran into each other at ABU teaching hospital during your...  more
      • December 18, 2021
    • Jonah Musa
      Helen Akilozi Doctor Esa Oga.
      Your death create confusion in the atmosphere,that no one could understand what is going on, after cracking and searching for an answer only to find out that the legend is gone,who is there now to answer us as a doctor when the need...  more
      • December 19, 2021
    • Jonah Musa
      Diana Gambo Dear Dr. Oga, your death came as a rude shock to me. It was demoralizing and heart shattering. I never imagined it happening. I believed strongly that you'd defeat Lassa, and I also imagined you laughing at it. But alas, God thought it best to call you...  more
      • December 19, 2021
    • Jonah Musa
      Agbenu Oga Esaoga! Ozokwu!

      You are an exceptional being.

      Right from our childhood through till present day. Your testimony abound from Igumale, Apa-Agila to Ugwuolawo, Zaria,Jos, Kaduna, Abuja and Lafia.....

      You left your footprints in the sands of time.with...  more
      • December 21, 2021
  • Grace  Nwana
    Rest in perfect peace Oga.
    You died in action , striving to save human life..
    May God receive your gallant soul and comfort your family and friends.
    Dr. Mrs. Grace Nwana
  • Udenyi Agbese
    Really sad to hear this horrible news. Brother may your soul rest in peace.
  • Udenyi Agbese
  • Lunfa Nandul
  • sunday odagba
  • John  Otseme Odagba
  • Peter Odagba
  • Okojokwu Ocheme
  • Okojokwu Ocheme
    Dr Esoga, you were my closest Osalemu brother. We shared dreams together and talked about political, educational, and professional aspirations. Just last week of November, we had extensive discussions long those lines; we encouraged each other not to...  more
  • Joe Ikwebe
  • Christopher Egbodo
    Dr Oga was a great man, always full of life, easy going, loving and very hard working. He had great love for his patients no wonder he paid the supreme price. He calls me chief chief oo. I will miss you so greatly but be rest assured that your family has...  more
  • Michael Ogezi
  • Michael Ogezi
    Esa will be greatly missed.
    • Michael Ogezi
      Anendah Amos Words can’t express how saddened we are to hear of your loss.
      You were a true hero of our nation. You leave but your legacy will live among us. Rest in peace.
      • December 18, 2021
    • Michael Ogezi
      susan obande The news of your demise was a very devastating one. Dr Esa was the actual light of the party bringing in that large smile and so much joy into every space he walked into.
      Ever ready to help despite his tight schedules, he has big heart for people. Such...  more
      • December 18, 2021
    • Michael Ogezi
      Ngozi Odunze It looks so unreal yet so real that a shining star as you is no more. You gave so much to everyone around you, and your patients. Such a bundle of positivity and energy. I miss you but I am glad to have known you. It seems only like yesterday...
      • December 19, 2021
    • Michael Ogezi
      Emmanuel Ejembi A Tribute to Osalemu, Dr Esoga.
      There is time to be born, and a time to die Ecl. 3:1-8
      My memories on how we met are quite vivid. It was the year 1995-96. The passion for academic excellence and eventually to become Doctors brought us together in the...  more
      • December 24, 2021