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Dorothy "Coach" Trumbo

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     Dorothy Ezra Trumbo, 79, of Plano, and a native of Glassport, Pennsylvania, passed away peacefully during her sleep. Dorothy was a High School Volleyball coach for many years and was loved by all her students and coworkers. Dorothy also worked as a delivery truck driver and even did ice road trucking in the 1960s and on and off, Dorothy was a very special person.      Dorothy was a member of Pentecostal Mission of Glassport...  see more
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  • Marty Biddle
    also the time she got in the fight at the foodland coach trumbo inconic
  • Marty Biddle
    the white heels on the volleyball court iconic forever missed.
  • Susie Coughenour
    We literally talked the day before she died. UNBELIEVABLE. She was definitely herself, “Gonna smoke some buddha and get some MacDonalds.” she used to call me by accident all the time and we'd end up talking. My condolences to the family.
  • Sara Napoli
    Sara Napoli is rememberring The Best Coach Ever:
    her porch on saturday nights in the 80s. Best weed in glassport. Rest in peace.
  • Anonymous Mourner
    Very unfortunate but she is finally resting. She was so sad in her last days. She had a list of people she'd "accidentally dial" just so somebody would talk with her. Shame on her kids they treated her so badly in her last days. She was a...  more
  • Tara Klinehaun
    Talked to Aunt Dot the day before she passed and she sounded great. She was definitely herself. I'm really going to miss her.