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Deborah Johnston

September 22, 1952 - June 05, 2022

This online memorial was created celebrate the life of Debbie Johnston and collect your memories of her. Please add stories & photos below. Read her obituary by clicking the dropdown, and click on the heart to receive email updates.

Deborah Sue Johnston, née White, was the first “Girl in the White house,” at 3433 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington D.C. on September 22, 1952, born to Alva Thomas Sr. (10/29/24 – 12/29/12) and Ella Sue, née McRae, (6/16/31 – 11/12/08) of Laurel, Miss. A Navy brat for life, “Debbie” had two siblings—A. Thomas Jr & Alexandra— who were recruited into regular sibling service thereafter. She settled in Tulsa, OK in 1963, graduated Central High...  see more
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  • S Sullivan
    I worked with Deb at TCC SEC. She was so proud of her kids and grandkids. She loved traveling with her brother. She told me a story about catching a thief who was stealing books on campus. She reported him to security and even testified in court. So...  more
  • Amanda Rappenecker
    Christmas 2011 💚❤️
  • Amanda Rappenecker
    Alex and Debbie at Megan’s baby shower.
  • S J
    S J:
    Christmas in Santa Fe 2020
    La Jolla 2019
    Chiricahuas May 2021
    Gila Cliff Dwellings May 2021
  • S J
    S J:
    Debbie's birth annoucement from family friend
    Alex, Megan, Debbie, (unknown) , and Sue
    The Whites: Tom and Sue with the kids, with Cheryl White and Sandy Layne