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Deborah Ann Tate

March 06, 1957 - November 07, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Deborah Ann Tate. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Debbie Tate, affectionately known as simply ‘Tate’ by many, passed away peacefully on November 7, 2021 after a long and heroic journey with breast cancer. Many will grieve the loss of Debbie, who walked on this earth for far too short a time, but who made an incredibly positive impact while here. She was a healer, a creative force in the art of family psychotherapy, and a staunch advocate for the disenfranchised. She was a friend to...  see more
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  • Leila Farjami
  • Tiffany  Terra
  • Kristine Panik
  • Caroline Hill
    We met Debbie in 2015 when my 11 year old needed someone new and different to help him sort through his behavior. Debbie came highly recommended and I knew right away that she was not a typical therapist. She was 110% my son’s advocate. She...  more
  • Sydney Mueller
    Palm Springs trip with Debbie, Michelle, And Sydney
    March 2020.
  • Sydney Mueller
    • Sydney Mueller
      Sydney Mueller You put up such a courageous fight Debbie. You were so Brave.
      Your such a loving, caring, honest and beautiful person always looking so great.
      We had so many good times on our trips with Michelle. Lots of laughs, fun, and great talks about life.
      I...  more
      • March 6, 2022
  • Karon Wells
    As it gets closer to your birthday, Debbie.. my thoughts keep coming back to you! This is the time of year that we would always connect our worlds.. even from a distance with the promise of seeing each other soon! Debbie "co-parented" my three...  more
  • Terri Johnson
    • Karon Wells reacted on this.
    • Terri Johnson
      Terri Johnson We will miss spending time with Debbie in Texas when she came down during the summers. She was the kindest, most caring and honest person I’ve ever known. She gave us so much advice and lent us books on adopting older children which helped us a lot...  more
      • February 8, 2022
  • Kristine Panik
  • Momo Bernal
    Dearest Tate, I think of you every single day. You've reached out to me quite a few times from the other side to let me know you're still doing your healing work on all of us who love you. You still remind me with your sass when I need to be nice to...  more
  • Momo Bernal
  • Mary kay Wise
  • Robert Woods
  • Karon Wells
  • Sam Bernal
  • R Faulk
  • R Faulk
  • R Faulk