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James E. Rogers College of Law

Dean Charles Ares

September 11, 1926 - April 29, 2020

The James E. Rogers College of Law has created this memorial page to celebrate the life of Dean Charles Ares. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us a wonderful way to remember and honor him. Thank you for contributing.

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  • Dave Harlow
    When I started at U of A Law in 2005 I asked Dean Ares if he had known my dad, Fritz Harlow, who graduated from U of A Law back in 1971 or thereabouts. A little smile appeared on his face. Dean Ares remembered his former student well. He shared some...  more
  • Lisa Kiser
    We remember his many gifts and faithful service to St. Mark's--we are grateful, and send our condolences to Jean and his family.
  • Alan Sternstein
    Alan Sternstein ('75)

    Dean Ares’ passing did not come as a surprise, but it was heartstopping and sad when I learned of it. My primary memories of Dean Ares are and will continue to be two. First, for an anxiety ridden, first year, first semester...  more
  • David Marcus
    Charles Ares was a great man. He epitomized quiet dignity and wisdom to me. I've never met someone who commanded the deep respect of everyone as much as Charles did. I particularly recall a lunch with Chief Justice Roberts during his visit to the U of...  more
  • Steven Fishbein
    This is an honor to share some thoughts about our venerable and well respected law school Dean Charles Ares, of blessed memory. Even after so many years since attending the UA College of Law, and then returning to California, our memories have always...  more
  • Robert Hershey
    I used to be a surfer from southern California who thought, implausibly, he was going to be a doctor. The physician-to-be was a deflection from my father’s desire for me to become a dentist. I was also a poor aptitude-test taker like the LSAT; so, for...  more
  • Hervey Hotchkiss
    I started law school in 1968 and first met Dean Ares at orientation. He was very positive and encouraging to my first year class. I found law school to be a huge challenge and wondered if I could make it. One day in Dean Ares’ class, he called on me to...  more
  • Erica McCallum
    This has been posted in my office since 2003. Professor Ares was a kind and patient leader for our 2000 small section. I think our earnest, fumbling efforts equally amused and appalled him.
  • Deborah Sliz
    Chuck Ares changed the course of my life and career by sending me to Washington, D.C. in1979 to be a one-year intern on the House Interior Committee chaired by his former law partner and friend, Mo Udall.

    That year sparked my interest in politics and...  more
  • Albert Dover
    I was accepted to law school in 1971, but, as an "out- of -
    state" student, I could not afford the tuition. Dean Ares told me to work in- state for a year, get in- state residency, and reapply. I did ( more or less ). When I reapplied I was put...  more
  • Randy Warner
    Professor Ares’s enthusiasm for law—as an important public pursuit and interesting intellectual exercise—was contagious. He was an extraordinary teacher and mentor. May his memory be a blessing.
  • Kathleen  Maloney
    A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about Professor Ares and his tremendous influence on me, first as a law student from 1990-1994, and then as a mentor/friend. I had not communicated with him (or Jean) in many years and I wondered how they were faring...  more
  • Tom Bayham
    I graduated in 1990. Dean/Professor Ares was my Con Law II teacher. I really didn't know who he was at the time or his history, I was just taking a class. As much as any Professor at the law school, Professor Ares animated the law to me and actually ...  more
  • Ellen Bublick
    I remember Dean Ares quoting Mo Udall: "everything that needs to be said has been already said, but it hasn't been said by everyone who needs to say it." We all know what a treasure Dean Ares was. Still, it is valuable for us to try to articulate some of...  more
  • Stanley Feldman
    Charles was a great friend to Norma and me and a great loss. He was a man of great integrity. He was brilliant, truthful, and tolerant. He was always civil and polite but with a firm, intelligent view of right and wrong. He treated everyone fairly,...  more
  • For those wanting to make a donation to Arizona Law in memory of Dean Ares, we are providing the link here.
  • Stacy Butler
    Our family has fond memories of Charles Ares from both my time at the law school and from our time attending the same church community as Charles and Jean. Charles lead by example; social justice was at the core of his teaching and his leadership in the...  more