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David Maurer

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of David Maurer. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer his family and friends great comfort.

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we are communicating the passing of Dave Maurer. Dave was part of the Marine and Protective Coatings business working as a Product Manager within the Global Marketing Team, moving to the Strongsville site earlier this year when Berea closed. Dave was one of the longest tenured employees dedicating 40 years of service with AkzoNobel and ICI. In those 40 years Dave had the opportunity to...  see more
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  • Dave Taillon
    Dave was one of, if not the most professional and kind man I've met. He was extremely helpful whenever called upon and was a vital resource when we took on Polibrid here in Canada. Dave would smile through the phone and always provide a calming presence....  more
  • Matt Wisnewski
    As a fellow tennis player Dave and I spoke on the subject and share stories. I enjoyed his passion as we set up products, his patient listening as I vented, and his thoroughness to his answers.
  • Chuck Rosales
    It's hard to add more on here than what's already been said. I was a member of a project team lead by Dave for the last few years and was fortunate to work with him a good amount. He was an incredible person, and a pleasure to work with. He always had a...  more
    Only had one business email thread with Dave in the past but that chance meeting was enough to know he is a dedicated person and can be a teacher-friend to anyone he comes across. May the memories of his wonderful personality be celebrated by all
  • χαρης ψωμαρας
    Sharing in your sadness as you remember David.
    We're remembering as a very Kind Person, Dedicated and genuine.
    We will miss him....The Greek Team.
  • James Morton
    Very sad to hear the news of Dave's passing. Like most other people, I was fortunate to have known Dave and work with him for so many years. My memories of Dave will be that he was a kind, dedicated and extremely thoughtful colleague. I still have the...  more
  • George Sykes
    I'm shocked and upset to hear about Dave passing away. I worked with Dave for nearly 4 years and was lucky enough to meet him several times. Dave was genuine, kind and highly experienced - I learnt a lot from him over the years. I will miss him! My...  more
  • Matt Fletcher
    I was so saddened to hear Dave had passed away. Over the years at International Paint I met Dave a number of times when I had traveled to the US and he was always most hospitable. The last time I met him he recommended a small brewery in Houston where we...  more
  • Bob Bernard
    Dave was a kind and gentle guy, and always willing to help out. I would look forward to talking with him when I'd visit the Berea or Strongsville offices. He always had a story to share about his family...very proud! Dave was dedicated to his marketing...  more
  • Ian Fletcher
    Dave and I crossed paths several times over the years but it was only when we started to work together this year that I really got to know him. Whilst Dave reported to me, I never saw it like manager and subordinate, indeed, I saw it as an opportunity to...  more
  • Claire Dallison
    Dave was an incredibly sincere, caring and knowledgeable man, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him. I will echo what a few others have said - there was no such thing as a quick conversation with Dave! Whenever I asked Dave a question he...  more
  • Suman Bhat
    I had the pleasure of working with him in the marketing team at Akzo for the past 3 years. In every interaction, Dave's distinguishing qualities have come shining through - kindness, empathy, optimism and humour. I never had the pleasure of meeting Dave...  more
  • Stan Gag
    Dave immediately struck me as the kind of person you wanted to work with and for. He was genuine and passionate about his " Devoe " buckets. His personal brand is the kind we should all want to emulate. My condolences to his family and friends.
  • Mike Winter
    Dave was a tremendous colleague and an all around great guy. He always had time for everyone. He could talk about pretty much any subject with knowledge and had a great sense of humor too. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dave over the years and...  more
  • Vishal Patil
    I feel very fortunate to have known and worked with Dave for over 5 years. I have learnt a lot through the meetings and email exchanges I had with Dave. It was just last year during my visit to Berea that I met him personally and had lunch with him. I...  more
  • Alan Moses
    Dave was one of the nicest guys I have had the privilege to know and one of the most reassuring and supportive people to work with. Always calm, friendly, honest and reasonable, and a truly progressive thinker. He'll be greatly missed by all. Heartfelt...  more
  • Stephen Farrell
    I will echo what will become a common theme in these messages that Dave was one of the kindest and nicest people that I’ve had the privilege of meeting. Although based thousands of miles away in the UK, I got to know him quite well. Even though he was...  more
  • Robert Macintyre
    I met Dave through work at Akzo & he was one of the nicest people I have ever worked with - one of the good guys. Thoughts with his family.
  • Lindsey Beasley
    This man changed the direction of my professional career and consequently personal life forever, through one simple act of kindness...I will be eternally grateful to him.
  • Christopher Roberts
    I only new Dave for a few years but he was the nicest and kindest person I have ever met. He would go out of his way to help you and always had a kind word to say when talking to you. He will be missed very much.
  • Chris McMillan
    I don't even know how to put into words who Dave was or what he meant to so many people. I have worked with Dave for well over 10 years and learned so much from him both professionally and personally. He was an amazing and kind person that approached his...  more
  • Kristýna Lovell
    Dave must be the kindest person I have ever met in my life. Ever since I started working in marketing he took it uppon himself to help me in every way possible. He has spent countless hours teaching me and always had time for me whenever I had questions....  more