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We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of David Cageao. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting...  see more

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  • Stephanie Cageao
    Getting to know Dave and Julie since joining the Cageao family has been so special. Andrew and I started our relationship in a similar way so I have always felt you guys were like our unofficial role models.

    Nothing was ever too much trouble, not even...  more
  • Jessica Dagostino
    My cousin Dave, was one of my best friends. He’s 2 months older than me. We grew up together. We were always together. He was Batman , I was Robin. I have so many memories, pictures, experiences with him. They’ll never fit in this page…. I do want...  more
  • Marcy  Gallardo
  • Roy Alge
    Miss you Bud.
  • Julie Cageao
    Various words I have received from many cherished friends. Thank you.

    "For me, Dave was a top bloke. One of a select few I had come to enjoy my time with. He will certainly be missed by us and his memory will live on." - A

    "I think of how much fun I...  more
  • Annelise Matthew Taylor
  • Julie Cageao
    From Maureen Stone (Dave's mother-in-law):

    "Dave was the most generous-hearted loving man. He always greeted you with a smile and a twinkle in his eye when interacting with his family.
    The love he had for Julie, Nia and Vinnie will stay with them...  more
  • Julie Cageao
    From Oli Kightley:

    "Extremely hard to try and put into words what Dave meant to me as a friend.

    I first met Dave circa 1998/1999 in the sports hall at St. Peter’s where we were playing Basketball. I knew from that first meeting Dave was someone I...  more
  • Jeannette Bodurtha
  • Amanda Coleman
  • Claire Bear
  • Rosie Mary
    Last one xxx
  • Rosie Mary
    Pictures taken when you visited with Nia xxx (has 5 photo limit)
  • Rosie Mary
    Rosie Mary: — with 2.
    Photos to go with memories #2 school trips; our wedding; World Book Days!
  • Rosie Mary
    Rosie Mary: — with 1.
    Photos to go with memory #1 Leaving concert; After-show party; World Book day! (Only lets me do 5 pics at a time!!)
  • Rosie Mary
    Hello Vinnie and Nia – I’m Rosie.
    I knew your dad as a teaching colleague and as a friend.

    Children adored him and he was a truly brilliant teacher – and I say that with years of teaching experience. I know that many of his pupils (and...  more
  • Rosie Mary
  • Rob Kamerling
    I spent the last week re-reading hundreds of emails that included commentary from Dave. The gift that I was left with is laughter. Serious laughter brought on by Daves wicked sense of humor and the extreme nature of the dialog. All of these exchanges...  more
  • Rob Kamerling
  • Paul McMonnies
    I worked with Dave and Julie at Camp Sequoia way back in 1995 and I remember a group of us visiting his family home to celebrate his birthday at some point. From memory I think he signed my shirt "How did you get a Counselor's shirt, you limey...  more
  • Claire Knight / Scrivvy
    I don’t know what to say or how to put my feelings into words. I think you can probably understand that feeling right now. I have known Julie since school and it has been so lovely to be part of her life all of these years. To meet the big ole American...  more
  • Chris  House
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Alison Leaman
    Dave, although I might not have seen you for some years I have fond memories of the times we shared together with your beautiful wife Julie. You used to make me laugh how you would become more offensive as the drinks flowed and the evening went on and...  more
  • Alison Leaman
  • Jane Brook
    When I think of Dave, I think of Dave and Julie. Every time I saw Dave, he was always the same – a bright smile saying ‘hey Jane’. He was genuine, kind, great fun, witty, intelligent, good looking and an all round great guy. I think of his love for...  more
  • Hayley Kingwell
  • Ziggy Zides
    And a few more.....

    The first picture is us with almost all of the bunk on a trip to Montreal. Dave was not too happy in the pic because I think he had learned that our co-counselor got fired that day. Despite that day, we had a great group of kids that...  more
  • Ziggy Zides
    Adding some more pictures from the camp years....
  • Ziggy Zides
    Hello Julie, Nia, and Vinnie-

    I have many fond memories of Dave through our years working together at Camp Sequoia where we were both counselors in the same division for 5 years and then co-counselors for 1 year. He was a great guy and friend, right...  more
  • a bow
    I think of Dave laughing and joking at a BBQ in the back garden of the house in Exeter. The photos of Dave as a camp counsellor that always made me smile.
    Being a friend of Julie I was invited to the grand 40th birthday celebrations and witnessed the...  more
  • Hayley Kingwell
    We met through me working with your amazing wife. You were childhood sweethearts and every time we saw you together you always seemed so much in love, always smiling and never a bad word to say about anyone. You were a gentle giant. I always hoped our...  more
  • Ziggy Zides
  • Gary Dechan
    Where to start Julie , nia and Vinnie , the whackiest guy I’ve ever met always the party organiser/ organisers ever , the memories that everyone I know had the best times , also so generous and grateful xxx love you ya big jobby xxx
  • Gary Dechan
  • Richard  Straus
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    • Richard  Straus
      Richard Straus Julie, Nia and Vinnie,
      I met your Daddy a long time ago when we were just about to start high school. I had just moved from New York City to a little town upstate NY where your Dad grew up. Many of the other kids didn't say much to me because I was the...  see more
  • Benedict Vessa
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    • Benedict Vessa
      Benedict Vessa I’m already crying and I haven’t written a word. Dave was a counselor in the bunk next to mine. He was loud, he was obnoxious and he was wonderful. I spent every day off with him, and whether we watched movies in Middletown or skunk racing at the...  see more
  • Hannah & Andy Hickson
    Dear Dave, Julie, Nia and Vinnie (The Cageaos, I still don’t know if I pronounce your name right??!) . Thank you for the fun times we have shared. Your friendship means so much to us and we are very grateful to have gotten to know you all. We have...  more
  • Kat Redstone
  • Kris Gidley
    Dear nia and vinnie,, I doubt you'll ever know who I am, but I knew your dad a long long time ago. Not too well, but we'll enough to know he was one of the best guys I'd met ever. He never said a bad thing about anyone and always helped anyone and always...  more
  • Joshua Goldstein
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    • Joshua Goldstein
      Joshua Goldstein I will greatly miss Dave. He was my role model when I was 17-19. I wanted to be just like him. I was his junior counselor at camp, then co counselor. We were fast friends. When he was dating Julie, I would cover for him, bring items to the boathouse so...  see more
  • Sarah Downs
  • Kate Barghi
  • Kate Barghi
    I don’t even know where to begin with my favorite memories of Dave. There was the time as kids he tried to convince Caroline and I that he had caviar for us (fish eggs from a trout he caught in a nearby pond)…the time he had us dig a swear hole in...  more
  • Dot Hogg
  • Susie Goldberg
  • Jessica D’Agostino
  • Cornelius Pemment
    I remember being in a stinking mood a couple of times at ILC, and Dave took the time to chat to help make me feel better. Always struck me as the nicest guy. I also remember how skilled a craftsman he was; very talented.
  • Andrew Higson
  • Adam Seaward