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Daniel Sylverston

We created a virtual memorial to celebrate the amazing and phenomenal life of Daniel Sylverston. Collecting your stories and special memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual and in person gatherings, we will share details here. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Daniel Sylverston was a Global Trailblazer and gifted net worker. Daniel believed in the power of working together in every way. He said " No matter what your ethnicity or cultural background is, You are a human being who shares our planet with other human beings whose needs are not so very different from your own". Daniel was called a Crusader and Idealist of his time. Daniel always put others needs before his which is a testament to...  see more
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  • Charlene Wesley Nagakura
    Dear Dana mama
    I never really thought or imagined a world without you in it. You had gone through so many different health challenges over the years and always conquered whatever came your way. So when that final call came and dad said that you were gone...  more
  • Keith Joseph Mothilall
    My mom sent my sister and I to Cape Town, Chonch was 5 and I was a year older. We lived with our grandma and at that time my uncle Daniel lived there too. We called him Dana mama and I when I say his name, that name, it's love and affection I feel....  more
  • oshea davis
    I knew Daniel from my childhood best friend Craig. I remember him as a kind and inviting man. A man who I could tell, loved his family. He was a man who was of constant prayer and seeking the Lord. All such qualities, which should be in all of God's...  more
  • Jeanine Rivera
    My memories that I have of Pastor Daniel Sylverston are sweet and unforgettable. Though my heart is saddened by the sudden news, my thoughts of him are highly lifted. He was a man of integrity, honor and passion for Christ. He was an amazing pastor to me...  more
  • Jennifer  (Jett) Edwards
    I was saddened to hear of Pastor Daniel's passing. My grandfather would often refer to Daniel as his brother. My family loved Daniel and his family dearly and the love flowed both ways. I have many memories of Daniel and Millie's love for people and the...  more
  • Matthew Swendsen
    Daniel Sylverston was an incredible man of God, husband and Father. Daniel, just like the Apostle Paul, "fought the good fight!" My thoughts and prayers go out to Craig and his family during this time.

    Daniel is up in Heaven now with his Heavenly...  more
  • Freddy  Hyman
    My deepest sympathies to Millie, Neil, Craig, Danae, Ivan, Tino Neville and your families. Dan will be sadly missed. I have precious memories of Gonum and my many visits with Dan, Millie and their beautiful family. Dan always had a way of making us feel...  more
  • Gresham Nair
    To Aunt Millie, Neil, Craig & Denae,

    Uncle Dan was a pioneer of his generation. He was the forerunner that paved the way for many people in both the corporate and spiritual sector. He was a highly favored man. He had access to dimensions of God like no...  more
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  • Valerie  Naicker
    Dear Aunty Millie, Niel, Craig, Danae, Ivan, Neville and families.
    We are saddened by the loss of Dan. He was a wonderful encourager, a great listener and a wise man of God. We will be forever grateful for his big heart, his unselfish way of doing life....  more
  • Nick Park
    On behalf of the Church of God in Ireland, I want to express our deepest condolences to Millie and the family. We are praying for you.
  • E B
    E B:
    Millie, Craig, Neil & Denae we are saddened by the news about Dan. We remember him fondly & the times spent together in SA. We send our love; prayers & thoughts during this tender time & for the days ahead. Much love Eugene & Elizabeth Boulton
    • E B
      Carol anne Nair We don't have enough words to express our grief and sorrow at the loss of our beloved member of the Nair family .Daniel Sylverston ,you were a loving husband to Mildred our sister and a great dad to Neil and Craig and Denae yeal ,Dan during your journey...  more
      • October 31, 2020