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Christian Pró Murchú

Cornelius Murphy (Neil)

May 31, 1936 - November 01, 2010

We've created an online memorial to celebrate the life of Neil Murphy, with trademark Murphy timeliness. Even during his life, some of Neil's closest loved ones loved him from far away. But, on the occasion of ten years since his death, and with many of us physically separated from each other and from...  see more

I remember his smile and the things he would say We treasure the hours we spent every day The laughs that we had, the secrets we shared The love that he gave, the way that he cared.   We do not forget him, in our hearts he will stay We think of him daily and love him always.   Those special memories of you will always bring a smile If only I could have you back just for a little while. The fact that you're no longer here will...  see more
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  • Emma Murphy
    My favourite memories of Dad were of childhood; the stories, games, fun and general sense that anything was possible. Dad was a big fun and inspirational presence in our lives growing up. My own children's meetings with Dad were a wonderful reminder of...  more
  • Sam Murphy
    Dad made growing up a fun-filled adventure. We loved his imaginative 'creations' from the Friday Monster, who used to chase all of us kids around the lane with a crazed expression to Waytogo, the pigeon that always mysteriously appeared whenever we were...  more
  • Carmel Murphy
    Neil lived such a full life filled with fun and love, and all of our lives were enriched by the great times we shared together. xxx
  • Carmel Murphy
    Neil at work, and at play!
    At a building exhibition, Birmingham 1989 and getting a sneak peak at the as-yet unopened Disneyland Paris in 1990!
  • Carmel Murphy
    My darling Neil,
    Ten years have passed. As time goes by, my sadness grows.
    Love you more than anyone knows.
    The tears in my eyes I can wipe away,
    But the ache in my heart will always stay.
    Your's loving wife
    Carmel 🌹 xxx