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Col. (Ret.) Stephen F. Bettes

Hey friends and family. We created this website to commemorate my Dad, Stephen Bettes. Per his request, we will not be holding a reception, but we'd love if you could collect your stories and memories of him here. He requested that any gifts or donations be made to the organizations below, where you will also...  see more

In his own words*Col. (Ret.) Stephen F. Bettes, age 75, died March 28, 2021. Dr. Bettes was born on February 11, 1946 in Columbus, Ohio to the late Janet and Robert Bettes. Steve was a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and received his DDS degree in 1971 at Ohio State University. Other than two years in private practice in Columbus, Ohio, Steve served as a dental officer in the United States Army for 27 years. During his...  see more
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  • Sue Dalelio
    I moved into the neighborhood 5 years ago, when Steve was president of the HOA, and he was so kind and helpful. He’s always been a good neighbor. Steve was an inspiration to all of us during his battle with cancer and I will miss seeing him.

    Sue Dalelio
  • Jong Yoon

    I am sorry for your loss.
    I respect your dad.

    It is a hard decision for everyone.
    Quality of Life vs Quantity of Life.

    Your dad show me that
    It's Quality, Not Quantity, Of Life That Matters

    We will miss your dad.
  • Alan Bettes
    The photo you see here is of my Dad wishing my Mom a safe trip back to Korea to see her family about 4 years ago. He was happy to see her off, as she hadn't been back in many years, but you could also tell he was already missing her. Mom gave him a big...  more