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Angela Palermo

Chip Isaac

October 03, 1956 - July 31, 2022

Chip loved his friends and family and lived his life with optimism, humor, enthusiasm and integrity. In honor of Chip's many deep and very special relationships, we would like to invite you to share your memories of him through words, photos, and/or videos. This site will be a dynamic, everlasting...  see more

Chip Isaac, age 65, passed away on July 31, 2022, in San Francisco in the company of his wife, Angela Palermo, family members and the wonderful, caring staff at UCSF. He died from Multiple Myeloma.   Chip lived an exuberant life with love, optimism, and humor. He showed a kind, generous and trusting spirit towards everyone he encountered.   Clarence (Chip) Albert Isaac III, was born on October 3, 1956 in Maplewood, New Jersey to...  see more
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  • Tessa & Race Johnson
    Our first memory of chip was when we had just moved into the house across the street and we looked out the window and saw a friendly neighbor waving hello to us. Chip immediately made us feel welcome to the neighborhood and he was the first to stop by...  more
  • Erdem Bircan
    I met Chip at San Francisco International Volleyball Club in 1994. He immediately impressed me with his wit and charm and later with his cooking skills as he was in charge of the recipes for the dinners served during the Volleyball Club trips. He was...  more
  • Al Washa
    Chip, m'dear friend. I cherish that night on Cuttyhunk, when you, Ange, Kathy and I sat for hours under the sparkling Milky Way. You are now out there among those stars...and are no doubt the brightest.

    And wherever you are, I'm sure you're giving a...  more
  • Marian Russell
    After nearly 40 years of friendship, I have countless happy memories of times shared with Chip, from hang-gliding lessons to protest marches; but the most precious times of all were our walks at Crissy Field these past few years. We had newsy talks and...  more
  • Terry Wiener
    Even though I met Chip through Angela, he always found a way to connect and build a unique relationship with me (and eventually with my husband) on his own. He would send the occasional text about sports or just randomly call to catch up. Chip treated...  more
  • Jason Woodley
    I knew Chip for only a short amount of time (about 2 years) but when he would see me, he would light up and greet me like we have been best friends for years. Such a friendly and loving human being. He was a leader and an inspiring person. He will be...  more
  • Kathy Washa
    So many fond memories over the years – lovely get-away trips to Kenwood and San Francisco from our home in Virginia, hiking up Hood Mountain, paddleboating with Al and my daughters in Golden Gate Park, taking Chip’s epic tour of the Haight.

    And in...  more
  • Jon Kalmanoff
    I have so many fond memories of my cousin Chip at Thanksgivings in Mendham with all of the family, and at other occasions. Living in NY I hadn’t gotten the chance to see him much in recent years, but was fortunate to be in San Francisco a few years ago...  more
  • Julia Brown
    This is Chip and Angela enjoying a 49er’s game with me and Caroline in February 2020. We all had a wonderful time. He sure did enjoy his sports. One of the last times I saw him was in their lower unit when we watched the Warriors game together. There...  more
  • Stephanie Lovinger
    I have so, so many memories of Chip that it is hard to pick one. He was an amazing friend who always made me (and everyone else) laugh and see the absurdity in things. I met him in an activities group for singles and we were fast friends. A favorite...  more
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    I don't remember meeting Chip (I'm pretty sure he was there the day I was born), but in my earliest memory of him we were walking from his house to Ben & Jerry's to get an ice cream cone. It was a tradition we did every year on my birthday (and many...  more
  • Kathy Rake
    I first met Chip at IBM in the mid 80’s. Chip was a smart and witty systems engineer, and I had the most success when he accompanied me on sales calls. He made work fun, and I was quickly drawn to his humor, optimism and genuineness. What began as a...  more
  • Eric Richert
    We were so lucky to share a bit of time with Chip and Angela in the Sierra, at their houses in SF and Kenwood, at Cote Ouest, and at our house tasting mezcals. In all these memories, what stands out are Chip's enthusiasm, curiosity, humor, and his...  more
  • Amy Black
    We had the immense pleasure of meeting Chip separately as a through his fabulous wife Angela, and my partner through his Rock n' Roll Archaeology podcast work, where he connected with Chip about The Summer of Love (and his tour!). When we...  more
  • James Samanen
    The last time I visited Chip with Qatana - my wife, Chip’s sister, was in July of 2022. At the time he was optimistic about his cancer treatments. On the first day of our visit his physical therapist had just worked with him on strategies for getting...  more
  • Qatana Samanen
    I first met Chip when he came home from the hospital as a newborn baby. Having been an only child for four years, I did not take well to the notion of sharing my parents’ love and attention with a younger sister and brother. So, I acted towards both...  more
  • Ann Bamesberger
    I thought I would post a few choice photos from a trip to South Africa in the Spring of 2019, when I was with Angela and Chip 24 x 7 for 3 weeks. Angela and I already knew each other, but Chip and I did not. We took a big plunge and spent every day...  more
  • Coleen & Dave Cecil
    We have so many special memories with Chip and Angela. Most of them include good food (that Chip usually made), experiences (like his walking tours through the painted houses), and his passion for their house and the special Airbnb experiences he created...  more
  • Ruth Frieband
    • Ruth Frieband
      Ruth Frieband The Southern Alps in Queenstown New Zealand
      • December 30, 2022
  • Ruth Frieband
    I just returned from a trip to Australia and New Zealand. I brought Chip's favorite hat with me to have something of Chip's along to experience the trip. He and Angela were planning to go to New Zealand in 2020 or thereabouts, but Covid derailed their trip.
  • Adam Salkin
    Here are some photos featuring Chip's smiling face that came from Mal's photo albums. Let me know if you would like a higher resolution versions of any of these photos.
  • Adam Salkin
  • Laura McDevitt
    I had the pleasure to meet Chip through the Volleyball club that met up in SF. This photo is from one of the many trips the group took.
  • Glen Krogh
    I first met Chip as a fellow pledge brother at our fraternity at Rutgers. Chip was always energetic and positive no matter what the pledge activity we were assigned. In our first year in the fraternity we shared a room. With his extensive album...  more
  • Ethel Konopka
    Although we lived just several doors away from each other, I actually met Chip through City Guides. From that time on it seemed we saw each other everywhere - in Gus' market, on the sidewalk as he gardened or at various community events; as we stopped...  more
  • Nancy Isaac
    • Nancy Isaac
      Janet Heinle Oh my, what a great shot of the 3 of you...that is LIFE!
      • December 6, 2022
  • Jeff Cowan
    I and everyone at Sirius who knew Chip was surprised and saddened to hear of his passing. I worked with Chip for many years at Sirius Computers. He in SFO and me in So.Cal. Chip was always a pleasure to work with. He was always positive and...  more
  • Nancy Isaac
    To my baby brother Chip (aka Clarence Albert Isaac III, Claude, Clare, Clara Barton— not one of your favorites, usually used to taunt you between the ages of 5 to 15— Chippy, Chipperooney and Bro). You have been my constant ray of joy and laughter...  more
  • Nancy Isaac
    To my baby brother Chip (aka Clarence Albert Isaac III, Claude, Clare, Clara Barton— not one of your favorites, usually used to taunt you between the ages of 5 to 15— Chippy, Chipperooney and Bro). You have been my constant ray of joy and laughter...  more
  • Pamela Hinds
    I didn't have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with Chip, but the times I spent with him are memorable and rich. He was such a warm-hearted and caring presence. Being around him gave me perspective, triggered my sense of adventure, and generally...  more
  • Teresa Fitzgerald
    Chip was lit up with energy, enthusiasm and kindness, and I admire the way in which he lived life with such purpose and positivity. He and I met in the last several years through my dear friend and former co-worker, Angela. Lucky are those who find love...  more
  • Matthew Le Merle
    Chip. You will be much missed by the Regulators and by me specifically. Thank you for all your support and assistance over the last few years. Matthew
  • Steven Kowalski
    Chip was a bright light in this world... one of those rare fellow travelers on this earth that made me want to be a better person -- because of his light, love, and enthusiastic love for life. I didn't have as much time with him as others, but whenever...  more
  • Ruth Frieband
  • Ruth Frieband
    I think Chip looks especially cool in this photo. One of my favorites! Sonoma-2015
  • Ruth Frieband
    An undated photo from a long time ago.
  • Ruth Frieband
    Chip and I had a very special friendship that spanned over 50 years. We met in Jr High School and became fast friends. Chip truly was one of my very best friends. He's always been a great, unique person. He evolved over time, into an amazing human...  more
  • Bob Sutis
    My time knowing Chip was brief which makes it profound that he lives so vividly in my memory and leaves me regretting I didn't have more time to know and enjoy him. I will remember him.
  • louella palermo
    I loved him as a son, I miss how wonderful he was, I miss our talks about politics, he was passionate on the issues. He left us too soon and I will miss him forever.
  • Rodney Paul
    Chip and Richie Unterberger on Lyon St., where we asked neighbors what they knew of Janis Joplin's time living there.
  • Rodney Paul
    I met Chip Isaac in Spring 2015 when I experienced his Haight-Ashbury tour as part of the set of 6 outings we were required to follow during my training for SF City Guides. I had joined them planning to lead a tour downtown, which would have been easier...  more
  • Andrew  Sokolsky
    I was fortunate to call Chip a friend and to consider him a close friend in the last year of his life. Chip and I had the east coast connection, meaning that giving each other a hard time was part of our communication style. We enjoyed Giants games...  more