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Keeley Tillotson

Bruce Tillotson

February 26, 1962 - July 18, 2019

Join us in celebrating the life of Tiger Tilly. Please use this page to share stories or photos of Bruce.

“He hits, he jokes, he scores," reads the headline of a May 1983 profile of Bruce Tillotson, then a 21-year-old left-wing on the Ohio State Buckeyes hockey team.  “Tiger Tilly," a tough player known for his ability to dole out hard hits on the ice, was also an infamous jokester. He reportedly even tried "wisecracking on the ice,” considering it a "moral victory" when he could get the referee to crack a smile. Bruce's good humor never...  see more
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  • Kristi Ray
    Keeley, I am so sorry for your loss. I met with Bruce, Erica and you a number of times when you were just starting out. He was a tough negotiator but always fair and definitely a champion for the business. Sending my thoughts, prayers and...  more
  • Erika Welsh
    I have memories of Bruce to last a lifetime. He was a second dad and mentor to me through a very pivotal stage of mine (and Keeley's) life. I don't know anyone else who would willingly leave a job to join two teenagers on a crazy, unpredictable adventure...  more
  • Karie Oswalt
    I have been trying to figure out what to write, since you posted this beautiful memorial to your dad! I had never met Bruce in person, but felt as if we had been friends for years! And now that I have been able to learn a bit more about your dad, through...  more
  • Todd Cleary
    In 1980, I met Bruce through my sister Shannon. He soon became a person that would have a lasting impact on my life. With his fun loving wisdom, Bruce was a father figure and a big brother rolled into one. He never treated me like a tag along; he took me...  more
  • Dave Peterson
    Bruce will always live large in my memory. Kindred spirits in our working days together, Bruce was brilliant in both mind and humor. Though our life paths crossed but briefly, he left a positive mark on my family and me...and is one of those souls for...  more