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Aaron Escobedo

Brian Hayes

We created this memorial to celebrate the life of Brian Hayes. We hope this memorial provides an opportunity for us to remember Brian, his life and impact. We also hope this page serves as a space for us to grieve together and in community. ~Key Communities

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  • Kobi Truesdale
    Brian was a friend, leader, and role model to me on so many ways and appreciate and valued everything he did for me. I truly was inspired and thankful to have Brain as a role model to me in my life. I loved and appreciated all his efforts and his traits...  more
  • Joy Caraway
    It's hard to believe that any of this is real. It seems like just yesterday I was a mentor for you in Key Explore . Similar to you I started in Key Academics as a student, and then you stole me to become a mentor for Key Explore, and I'm so...  more
  • Liliya L
    Brian always found a way to make you feel important. He made people feel heard and cared for. He was always honest, but the honesty was always filled with empowerment, you know? Brian, I am heartbroken to find out this news. You have made such an impact...  more
  • James Reyes
    Words can hardly do justice to such an amazing individual. I met Brian while serving as a Key Mentor from 2011-2013. Although he wasn't my direct supervisor, he made himself available to me and anyone who needed him. He was an amazing mentor and friend....  more
  • Travis Annameier
    I first met Brian probably around 2004 or 2005, but got to know him much better in 2007 when we were Key Mentors together and then worked professionally together from 2011-2013. I am very sad to hear of his passing. If you knew Brian he was a genuinely...  more
  • Andrea Fortney
    You were one of the most outstanding human beings. You had the ability to make a huge positive impact, even in the smallest of interfaces. You had a special way of validating others with your smile, never too busy to stop and ask about them. Your...  more
  • Jordyn Malmstrom
    Brian - you were without a doubt the most inspiring human I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. You shaped my entire college experience, from being in Key Explorer my first year to becoming a mentor for the same. I will forever cherish the one on...  more
  • Bronson Rivera
    I am having a difficult time processing this. My heart goes out to all of your loved ones. It was only a few months ago I had emailed you about being a reference for me for upcoming job applications. In those emails we caught up on life and the next...  more
  • Nevo Gross
    Brian was a man that served to better the people around him. His energy towards others was contagious. My condolences to his family.
  • Emmanuel De Jesus
    When I think about you I recall the multiple interactions we had my first year participating in Key Explore. You were one of the few people that made me enjoy and take the Key experience seriously. From then on, you were a friendly face and smile...  more
  • Olivia Kail
    Brian was the first person from CSU I ever talked to on the phone! I remember seeing Key Explore's website and thinking "hm, this sounds like me..." and once I talked with Brian I knew for certain that Key was going to be a good thing in my...  more
  • Maurisha Harris
    Brian was one of the first staff to welcome me to the CSU campus. I met him through Key Explore my freshman year of college back in 2015. I’ll never forget the smile, positivity, funny and happy spirit he carried with him. My heart broke reading a...  more
  • Leonella Lopez
    The legacy you have left is astounding and will always inspire all who love and care for you, even beyond. I had the absolute pleasure to not only be a student under your care but also a mentor under your guidance. There's so many lessons I learned from...  more
  • Joseph Ortega
    you were one of the first admin I connected with during my summer Bridge orientation and I will never forget the feeling of belonging you brought to me on that day when i was so scared to be on a college campus. You inspired many of my classmates...  more
  • Hannah
    When I heard that you were gone, I didn’t want to believe it. You touched the hearts of so many and you will be dearly missed. Your laughter was contagious and your heart held so much love and kindness for every person you met. I remember every...  more
  • Jose Valdez
    You were what I like to call a sacred teacher: always pushing me to expand my perspective on life in a more in depth profound way. And that's who you were: someone who would raise the consciousness of the students he served to help them think...  more
  • Kiaira Coles
    Brian has impacted the lives of so many people, mine included. He was the one who introduced me to the Key Explore community at CSU as a freshman, and later I got to work with him directly and see the impact he made on all those around him. He was always...  more
  • Lexi Brozovich
    It wasn't until I heard this news that I truly reflected on how much of Brian's wisdom I carry with me each day. No one was so full of love and drive in everything they do. His values of hard work and respect were always important and helped to create...  more
  • Michaela
    I am so thankful to have met Brian 6 years ago when I was apart of Key Explore my Freshman year. Brian had such love, energy, and positivity that made me feel so welcome to such a great community. Coming from out of state, I will never forget the little...  more
  • Emily Gaddie
    BHayes, damn I am going to miss you. I don't want to believe this truth. There aren't enough words to describe the impact you have had on me and on many others. I joined Key because of you. I became a mentor because of you. I will miss checking-in with...  more
  • Ray Addea
    Oh Brian! My heart sunk as I heard the news of your demise. It is hard to wrap my head around your death. I am going to miss our friendly banter at the front desk and that bright smile of yours that lit up rooms. You genuinely cared for your students. My...  more
  • Ezi Ohaya
    Brian, your legacy, words, and actions will continue live on. You've changed the CSU community and beyond in ways that words cannot describe. You have left a lasting impact for future generations of students and community members to benefit from. Thank...  more
  • Keajah-Rae Brown
    Brain is definitely someone I will never forget from my CSU experience. I remember the first time meeting him on campus as a Freshman Key Community member. He was welcoming and really energetic. Brain is what made me what to continue on to Key Plus my...  more
  • Alexis Jacques
    To know Brian is to love Brian. Brian was my coordinator for key explore. He made me feel welcome in a space where I was new to. He always made sure we felt heard and seen. It meant so much to have someone rooting for me and always in my corner. Whatever...  more
  • Yulissa Chavez
    Brian was my coordinator for Key Explore during my first year at CSU. I met him during orientation as he talked about how awesome Key Explore was and the classes we had to choose from. I remember thinking how cool he was, I had no idea professional staff...  more
  • Lizzy Osterhoudt
    Brian was my coordinator for key health professions as my first year as a key mentor. On our first day meeting as a staff cluster he had joined all of us in talking about our zodiac signs. Even though he’s a Gemini we really loved having Brian help us...  more
  • Vicki Diehl
    Brian gave the BEST hugs! Any time I saw him, whether from across the room or down the hallway, we would stop and share a hug. I always knew that his hugs came from a place of friendship and care. His hugs would lift me up on my hardest days, and give...  more
  • lexi hubbard
    I met Brian about 5 years ago as a freshman in college while I was in Key Explore. I never had him as a professor but he was there for me during one of the hardest times of my life and talked me through staying in school and not dropping out. He taught...  more
  • Cassius Kaehny
    My condolences to Brian and his family, i met Brian during CSU orientation in 2018 and he easily convinced me to join key communities. When I met Brian I knew that I had made the right choice coming to CSU because I honestly had never met someone as nice...  more
  • Pamela Norris
    Impact. As I sit here this afternoon and remember Brian, my mind races to many memories. I've know Brian for years...first as a CSU student and then as a colleague. Brian was a "roll up your sleeves and get it done" kind of person. Always full...  more
  • Fransee Samayoa
    It was such an honor to get to know Brian and have him as an instructor. What an impact he had in my life as a student and as a person . I was going through the hardest times in my life when I met him and he believed in me. He taught me that a leader...  more
  • Ana Lucia Samayoa
    There are individuals that once get get the pleasure to know them, they make an impact on our lives. I had the pleasure and privilege to know and work with Brian. I was a TA for his class, a class that not only impacted me but also every single student...  more
  • Jazmyne Symone
    There isn’t many people who I look up to, but Brian was one of those special people in my life that have always motivated me.

    I first met Brian when I was a finalist In the Puksta Scholarship. I went through an interview process over zoom where I had...  more
  • Dhajia Hopper
    You meet so many people all the time at CSU that it can be easy to forget names and things people have told you. But Brian always remembered everything I told him, even just the short anecdotes I mentioned in passing. Even after our class ended, when I'd...  more
  • Aaron Escobedo
    Brian, I love you and miss you so much, brother. From my first day at CSU, you embraced me and supported me. You helped me get involved and never stopped believing in me. At the time I was going through a tough period, but you were there to ask me,...  more