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David Scruggs

Brent Gearhart

September 26, 1953 - October 22, 2022

Please sign the online guestbook for Carol! This is intended to be an interactive Memorial Page celebrating the life of Brent Gearhart. We encourage you to share your own memories and photos to help capture Brent's legacy.

  Brent Gearhart died peacefully with his wife, Carol, at his side on October 22, 2022 at the Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home following a stroke.   Brent was born in Reedsville, PA, to the late Joseph Donald Gearhart and Doris “Dot” Coulter Gearhart-- quite possibly with a glint of mischief in his eye! He loved to share fond memories of growing up in picturesque Big Valley ("the other Amish country" in...  see more
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  • Skip Coulter
    When someone we care about deeply passes we often wish we had more time together. I believe it is better to think of the time that we did have together and cherish those memories. That is how I will always remember my cousin Brent. Every summer I got...  more
  • Eric Gruen
    I loved Uncle Brent so much. It's been really nice to read through all these entries here and see how other family and friends have loved him and remembered him, and told stories of different facets of his life that I never knew about. To me, he was the...  more
  • Samuel Yoder
  • Christopher Estes
    We met Brent and Carol through the Parkinson's Forward support group, which they were members of for many years, and central to its successful functioning, pulling more than their weight to make it work. They were committed to helping the group's members...  more
  • Ana Tampanna
    Carol, I LOVED reading the obit many amazing things about Brent I didn't know. I DO KNOW that he was an incredible friend, beloved by my brother David. I also know that he and David and their fathers had incredibly special fishing trips together...  more
  • Sis Greely Bonawitz
    I will never forget my dear cousin Brent. I enjoyed spending time with Brent and Carol duting Christmas eve and the special times at Camp Coulter with special friends and family. He fought long and hard every day with his Parkinson's with Carol at his...  more
  • Paul Smith
    So nice to see the photos of Brent's immediate and extended family.

    Brent was one of the first members of the Beyond War group in Winston Salem when Judy and I moved there back in the 1980s. Shortly after arriving, we had dinner in the 'Rose and...  more
  • David Scruggs
    Brent doted on all his nieces and nephews, and constantly shared their stories. This is a favorite photo from the Danish wedding of one of Brent's nephews.
  • David Scruggs
    This was sent to me by a friend. Brent loved music, fishing, and had progressively liberal values he felt strongly about. He'd have smiled at this.
  • Carol  Gearhart
    A trip to Paris and Languedoc in 2000
  • Carol  Gearhart
    Brent and his dad were a great team and could tackle almost anything.
  • Carol  Gearhart
    Wedding photo with Brent’s side of the family
  • Carol  Gearhart
    In August 2018, our last trip to Denmark, for Emma’s wedding. Brent loved being able to help with preparations for the reception.
  • David Scruggs
    Only 2 years ago, the extended Gearhart family gathered in honor of Brent's father, Joe. Brent's ashes will be spread beside his mother and father at this special place, Camp Coulter. The woman in pink at top right (beside Carol) is Sis, Brent's...  more
  • David Scruggs
    This will have significant meaning to a number of visitors of this page. You'll know who you are!
  • David Scruggs
    Brent had an incredible capacity to find humor in the atrocities that life dealt him, and life gave him more than his fair share!
  • David Scruggs
    Brent met Carol at Duke Univesity, where they were both Master's students: he in Forestry, she in Seminary.
  • David Scruggs
    In the early 80's, Brent and Carol were active in a peace movement called Beyond War. They created longstanding relationship with a core nucleus of friends that became a spiritually aligned book study group. Then, as life happens, the group became...  more
  • David Scruggs
    Brent was my fishing partner for 20 years. I already knew how to fish for trout, but Brent taught me how to find and catch them! He also introduced me to the Gearhart elixer, Chivas Regal scotch. No fishing trip of ours was complete without it.
  • David Scruggs
    When our fathers were in their late 80's, Brent's dad had lost his hearing, but loved to tell stories. Meanwhile, due to Alzheimers, my dad lost the capacity to speak coherently, but loved to listen. "We're taking them fishing" Brent announced, "and...  more
  • David Scruggs
    In the early 70's, Brent was employed as a Blacksmith at Old Salem. Brent and Carol both worked there, wearing traditional Moravian garb
    • David Scruggs
      David Scruggs click on photo to see full pic....not sure why this decided to cut their heads off!
      • October 30, 2022
  • David Scruggs
    Brent and his parents, Joe and Dot (Coullter) Gearhart, lived on Main Street in downtown Reedsville, PA. But the family's "sacred home" was actually 15 miles away on State owned land, Camp Coulter.
  • David Scruggs
    Brent's Daddy was so skilled with his hands....but those hands did nothing better than FISH!