• Service for Beverly Ann Braasch

    May 7, 2022, 11:00 AM US/Central

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Andy Braasch

Beverly Ann Braasch

February 01, 1949 - December 04, 2021

Please join us for a memorial service to celebrate the life of Beverly Braasch. We will gather on May 7 at Lake Country Unitarian Universalist Church in Hartland, WI for a visitation 11:00am - noon, a service at noon, and a casual luncheon around 1:00 pm; all covid-permitting and subject to change. The...  see more

Beverly Ann (Wolfe) Braasch was born in Milwaukee, WI to Merle Rodney Wolfe and Eunice Louise (Reindl) Wolfe on February 1, 1949.  As a baby she was a joy, sleeping through her first night home from the hospital.  Her mom nicknamed her Bevvydear and called her that her whole life.  An adorable child with her blonde curls and green eyes, she was raised in the house her dad built on 92nd Street with her four sisters, Dolores, Diane,...  see more
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  • Andy Braasch
    Bev Braasch Memorial Slideshow 2022-05-02.mp4
  • Jeanie Ayala
    Our precious Aunty Bev was one of my favorites! My favorite childhood memories with her were spent at the lake house with my kooky cousins Ryan and Andy as well as other Wolfe family members! My cousins undoubtedly got their goofy personalities from...  more
  • Jackie Horning
  • Jackie Horning
    I have fond memories with Aunt Bev staying at her house with cousins Ryan and Andy in Dousman watching her raise lab puppies for the blind, swimming in her pool, family reunions, and much more! I remember scrabble nights with her when my Mom would...  more
  • Andy Braasch
    Apparently my mom really loved Halloween! That first one has a caption on the back, "Omar, and Kiba the harem girl"
  • Sue Betz
    My first memory of Bev was her sitting in my chair at the salon as I cut her hair. I remember she was easy to talk to and we immediately hit it off. As the months and years went by our friendship continued to grow. We talked about everything from...  more
  • Cathy Peters
    My Aunt Bev had the best smile. ❤️ Her kindness and generosity were contagious! Her fear of flying was replaced with bravado when it came to visiting her family (although a trip to Hawaii had it’s incentives 😉). She was always just a phone call...  more
  • Cathy Peters
  • Mark Brewer
    I will always remember Bev coming up to me in the social hall at church and expressing some of her concerns, not complaining, but simply expressing her concerns for others. What a warm hearted person !
  • artistamisto
  • artistamisto
    Aunt Bev has always been one of my favorite Aunts in the whole world! Her outpouring of love and kindness, plus her smile and happy demeanor made her a joy to be around. One of my happiest times was during the 1985 reunion (pic below) and hanging out at...  more
  • Cindy Chilbert
    I met Bev at the Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club. She and I were both instructors there and we served on the Board together for years. We shared the same views about club issues. We quickly found that we had so much in common.
    It didn't...  more
  • Andy Braasch
    I’m eager to move beyond the past year and remember my mom as she was before getting sick, but so many of my recent memories are hard ones. I’m glad to know that friends and family will come to this site and share their happy memories of my mom and...  more
  • Bill Schneider
    I met Bev about 20 years ago. We went on a blind date and enjoyed each other’s company. Over the years we became good friends. For a year or so we had dinner, usually once a week, just to chat and catch up, I enjoyed her sense of humor. Sometimes...  more
  • Tamara Case
    When I met Bev for the first time, of course I was nervous. It's always a scary thing to meet a boyfriend's parents! I don't remember the specific day, but I do remember I didn't feel uncomfortable for long. Bev made me feel loved and accepted almost...  more
  • Dolores Nelson
    My dear, dear sister and wonderful friend, I miss you so very much. We could and did talk about anything and everything, and though we were 12 years apart, our likes and dislikes were so similar: people, politics, decorating, birds, you name it.
    Bev...  more
  • Shirley De Braasch
  • Shirley De Braasch
    I remember this beautiful day as it was yesterday. Bev and Al invited Ryan and I to their favorite restaurant to celebrate our engagement in April 2015.
  • Shirley De Braasch
    Unforgettable moments shared with Bev at our wedding in Panama. These memories will be forever in my heart. She was very happy with the weather and the rainbow that posed that afternoon. She danced with Ryan and she danced with Warren too. She was happy!!
  • Shirley De Braasch
    Beautiful memories with Bev on Bolaños Island in Boca Chica Panama in January 2016. I remember that Bev sat on the sand looking at the sea and told me that she loved the weather and seeing the sea made her feel very relaxed.
  • Andy Braasch
    One of my favorite memories of my mom is when she traveled with me and Ryan to Mexico in 2003 for Christmas and New Year’s. I had studied in Oaxaca the previous summer and was excited to show my mom and brother around town. I had met Daniela, who...  more
  • ray betz
    Auntie Bev was always a delight to see! Her humor, intellect, and sassy attitude always brought a smile to my face. She will be dearly missed. Ray Betz

    I have been friends with Bev well over 40 yrs. She was beautiful …but didn’t know it. Smart but...  more
  • Jeremy Knackert
  • Jeremy Knackert
    Auntie Bev always called me 'Ronimo', (like Geronimo). I fondly remember her because the Braasch clan were the closest family living nearest to us. We always got together at Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Halloween, Easter and countless...  more
  • Barb Mottl
  • Barb Mottl
    I met Bev through PTO when our children were at Dousman Elementary School, about 30 years ago. We became close friends, along with Judy and Marge. We shared lunches approximately every month over the course of those years as well as yearly trips to Door...  more
  • Kristen Geurts
    Auntie Bev was always a favorite of mine! We live in Utah. I would get so excited when the Braasch Family would come visit. My Grandma (her sister) would let me long distance call her to chat with her between visits…she was always so interested in...  more
  • Julie Heise
    We moved to Dousman in 1986 and I met Bev the following year while trick or treating with my daughter Kelly. Bev answered the door in a ghostly costume and never said a word, only keeping the veil over her face and smiling. Kelly said "mom, we have to...  more
  • Shirley Alonso de Braasch
  • Ryan Braasch
    There is so much to say about my dear mom…as time goes on, I just keep thinking of more, which I take as a blessing. My mom was the best. My earliest fragments of memories are from the house we lived at on Lower Nemahbin Lake. Those memories are...  more
  • Donna Harrington