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Bernie Feldstein

January 27, 1936 - July 21, 2020

We created this website to celebrate the life of Bernie Feldstein. Collecting your stories and photos will help us hold on to these memories and honor his legacy. Thank you for your contributions.

Our father, Bernie Feldstein, passed away on Tuesday July 21, 2020. He died suddenly. It seems his heart gave out. But for more than 84 years he had a big generous heart that spread lots of love to our mother Barbara, to both of us, to our spouses (Amy Mazur and Dennis Orwig) and to our boys (his four grandsons: Gabe, Will, Jesse and Nate). Bernie’s devotion and loving attention to all of us came, in part, from knowing loss as a young...  see more
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  • Celia Tyll
  • Celia Tyll
    I have been searching for my most beloved cousins for years. Only just now did I find Bernie's obituary and I am so sad I could not have found him and Barbara well before they had died. I just wanted to thank them for being there for me in my youth when...  more
  • Catherine Charles
    Cathy Schereschewsky-I was a mixed up kid when Temporaries, Inc. sent me to Whitney Attwood Norcross. I'd recently completed Katy Gibbs' Options program while still in the throes of mourning my father and brother. I was 25 I think. Bernie was my real...  more
  • Mike Feldstein
    From Uncle Marty:

    I am sitting here shocked and saddened. 2020 already a terrible year but this seems almost unbearable. I know he had heart issues but somehow he seemed vital and mentally strong.

    Bear with me, I need to share some...  more
  • Chris  Esmonde
    Bernie was an invaluable resource to Newton’s Horace Mann Elementary School as Mike and I and others advocated for extensive renovations to Horace Mann (Mike’s school and workplace). Although we met just a handful of times from November 2019 through...  more
  • Mike Feldstein

    My heart broke when I heard that Bernie had passed away. He was the Chair of Newton's Design Review Committee when I first met him, and the best chair ever. 30+ years later and I'm still on that d---ed committee! In that role, he was...  more
  • Mike Feldstein
    FROM TINA - The 5th member of our family

    A Guardian Angel that Lit my Darkest Path

    Almost every day of our lives, we make risky decisions. Deciding to immigrate to a new country leaving the life I had built and my family in Africa has been the...  more
  • Terry Kwan
    Bernie's contributions to public school design and construction stretches back decades. I first worked with him on Brookline Public School projects in the last century and came to rely on his wisdom and good judgment in making decisions in the best...  more
  • Gail Rosenberg
    We were shocked when we heard of Bernie's passing. He was our nextdoor neighbor for the last 5 years. We loved him and we will miss him. Gail and Arnie Rosenberg
  • Christine V
    I am very sad and feel so fortunate to have known and worked with Bernie. I serve on the Massachusetts School Building Authority Designer Selection Panel which Bernie chaired. I am the only female architect on the panel and admired his leadership. He...  more
  • Nelson Branco
    I'm disappointed that I never got to meet Bernie, but I feel that I knew him a bit. Through my friendship with Vickie and Dennis, knowing his grandsons Nate and Will and of course the stories - his generosity, kindness, intelligence and caring are...  more
  • Sally Lesser
    The world feels a lot smaller without Bernie. It was such a shock to hear about his passing, as Stuart had been in touch with him just the previous week in a Romeo Zoom. It was a shock, too, because it felt like he would always be here, always ready to...  more
  • Mike Feldstein

    I am crushed at the news of Bernie's death. One of my oldest friends, dating back to Cooper Union in 1953 and continuing in various iterations during those 67 years. Mostly phone calls, an occasional email, but we always...  more
  • Mike Feldstein

    Bernie passed...............
    When I heard the news, my world stopped. I needed to take some deep breaths, let it out and let it in, then I sighed. Immediately, my mind started racing through the many years of my relationship with this...  more
  • Mike Feldstein

    Bernie loved a good time and he was enthusiastic about hearing a good joke and he never lost his joy at having fun. It is with these in mind that I share this story with you. It was Michael’s birthday and Amy wanted to surprise...  more
  • Margo Jones
    What a shock to learn of his passing. He was such a fixture to the architectural community. Chairing two Designer Selection Panels for many years, and then continuing as the chair of the MSBA DSP for longer than any of us can remember. He was fair,...  more
  • Law Office 11 at NUSL
    We didn't know Bernie, but we were lucky enough to spend the past year working with his grandson, Jesse. We send our condolences to the entire Feldstein family and our gratitude to Bernie for all he did to advance justice in his lifetime.
  • David Eisen
    I served on the MSBA Designer Selection Panel under Bernie's leadership for years. I don’t think the job of Chair could possibly have been done better than Bernie did it. He was really funny. And really serious. Very opinionated; and very open...  more
  • Jon and Emily  Alter
    We were lucky enough to have known Bernie for decades. Neither of us can think of any of our friend's fathers who developed independent relationships with, but Bernie was so irresistible and original that we appreciated him for more than giving us...  more
  • Daniel Cliff
    My times with Bernie were but a handful but each very memorable. He and I originally connected while I was attempting to scoop Dennis on the latest happenings of the OJ trial. I had not yet met Bernie and while I expected he would think me a fool, I had...  more
  • CeCe Sloan
    Bernie was one of those men "who no one could ever say a bad word about" a direct quote from the condolences he and Barbara sent to our family when Irv passed away.
    Recently, July 19th , (2 days before his death) I was chatting with my grandson...  more
  • Mike Feldstein

    Bernie was in my life way before I was born... His wife (Barbara) and my mum (Rosalie Myers) were best friends since childhood. I can't remember a time that the Feldsteins were not in our lives. They were what we called "family...  more
  • Mike Feldstein
    I am stunned, and saddened, and happy to remember your Dad.

    Bernie and I met in about 1958 at MIT in the class of that great architect and teacher Eduardo Catalano, about whom we would secretly laugh at our joint invention of his...  more
  • David Berg
    I met Bernie in the late 50's early 50's at the start of our respective careers, he as an architect and I as a structural engineer, Eventually, Bernie's firm, WAN, became one of my clients. In Vickie and Mike's description of Bernie, they lrft out one...  more
  • Jesse Feldstein
    Last week, I suddenly lost a lifelong friend in my grandfather, Bernie Feldstein. He was 84.

    Bernie was a devoted grandfather. He retired early from a career in architecture to help care for Gabe and me. As young kids, we enjoyed sleepovers filled with...  more