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Rupert Morley

Ben Morley

February 28, 1969 - November 30, 2022

We created this memorial to celebrate the life of Ben Morley. We hope that it will offer comfort to his friends and relatives. Thank you for contributing.

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  • Emma Liberman
    Ah Ben; your birthday is round the corner and I still can't believe you have left us. But here's a few pictures to show that you are still very 'present' too. Think the one of you in Hope Valley is my favourite & I know your Mum loved it too - did...  more
  • Sarah  Cunliffe
    I was only 16 when I met Ben whilst he stayed at my friend Ann’s house (his digs and landlady) in Frimley, Surrey. Ben was on his Uni year out working at GEC Marconi working in an Engineering degree placement I think. Ben was 18 years old and saw me...  more
  • Duncan Wallace
    I am very grateful to read the memories and thoughts that others have shared. I'm sorry to say I am not going to make it from Scotland to the Memorial, so I will share what i can here.
    Ben was a great compassionate leader who touched the lives of others...  more
  • Paul Natali
    Dear Ben,

    You have been such a marvellous friend since our time together at Uni in the late 1980s. One of the brightest, most analytical, kind, considerate, silly, humorous, energetic, generous and fun people I have ever known! Over the years you have...  more
  • Patrick Lamb
    I can't seem to grasp the fact that Ben is gone. It feels so wrong, my mind won't accept it. As cousins, Ben is woven into many of my earliest memories: games of Monopoly on the floor at family parties; raucous cousins squabbling over who got to 'be'...  more
  • Alva O'Dalaigh
    I met Ben in 2006 through a school friend who had done Operation Raleigh with him. He was a wonderful friend – thoughtful, incredibly funny with a keen sense of the ridiculous. He would have us doubled over laughing at stories, usually poking fun at...  more
  • Jane Burns
    I worked with Ben at Royal Bournemouth hospital where he was a dietitian. I very much enjoyed working with him and learnt a lot from him. We shared a sense of humour and he would buy me biscuits and chocolate to thank me for my help, but it was a...  more
  • Andrew Moncrieff
    Ben, I can’t believe you are no longer with us. Reading all the previous tributes there seems to be a common theme of your lateness to so many events. It therefore doesn’t seem right that you have arrived early to the next world. The other common...  more
  • Brian Connell
    Where to start? Ben was a guy who I got to know at Uni, remained a good friend in the years since and I can’t believe he’s gone.
    Things I’ll remember from times with Ben?

    1) Travelling to far flung places, embracing the locals: sleeping in a...  more
  • Emma Bach
    I met Ben when we studied OT at University of Brighton. I lived with him in a shared house in our last year. He was energetic and caring and he had so much to say. We had some robust discussions, he had strong opinions and was always willing to listen....  more
  • Nigel Linton
    We are so sad and shocked to hear about Ben's passing. We will always remember him and all the time we spent together. He was one of loveliest individual you could ever meet. I really miss you Ben.

    The picture is from the Clissold Arms for Paul and My...  more
  • Michelle Lester-Swindell
    So saddened and shocked to hear about Ben’s passing. I will cherish the great memories of weekends away and themed parties, he was a great instigator of events bringing friends together. He was always ready to listen and help out. Dodgy cars and...  more
  • Marc Cornelius
    Ben was just a lovely, lovely guy. I was proud to call him one of my oldest friends. He brought so much happiness to me and others over 30-plus years since uni. Always fun and joyful company. Unfailingly caring, generous and considerate. Clever and...  more
  • Alva Barton
    So many memories (just a bit too upset to start writing them right now). I am in shock, I'm so so sad, I am shouting at you Ben. I wish you had told me how bad things were. We would have done anything to try and help you feel better. But most of all I...  more
  • Richard Dale
  • Rachel Dale
    Ben was the heart of our Southampton group, always late but always there! We will miss you at every gathering but know you will be with us in spirit. I am sorry we couldn't be more there for you when you needed us. With happy memories but a heavy heart...  more