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Chelsea Rogers

Becky Newell

November 17, 1946 - February 21, 2022

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Becky Newell. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Rebecca “Becky” Jo (Linert) Newell   After three months of hospitalization and diligent effort to recuperate from a sudden, life-threatening illness; bravely facing serious setbacks along the way, Becky took her last breath the evening of Monday, February 21, 2022.   She will be remembered as warm and welcoming, efficient, cheerful, a peacekeeper, determined, conscientious, stylish, supportive, vibrant, genuine …. Always willing to...  see more
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  • Sue Villanueva
  • Beverly Wolfe
    Always upbeat, a perfectionist to the core, but welcoming to all; Becky was a forever friend. We shared work, many meals and much wine by the fire - so many good memories, from FL to WV. We'll miss you, my friend. You and Bill were so perfect together...  more
  • Janice Gandy
    We are so sorry to hear about Becky. Our family comes yearly to Welaka and she was the one who always helped us. She would make sure we all got rooms. We would always book for the next year while we were there. She would tell us that she knows we need...  more
  • Bob Spencer
    Our interactions with Becky were always pleasant. She was a lovely Lady. I will be thing of you Bill.
    Bob Spencer

  • Robert Graham
    Dear Family and friemds, We are heartbroken,we loved Becky so .We came to Welaka looking for a port in the storm.What a delite to find this magical
    Place in the woods! Becky and Bill and all the gang welcomed
    Us with gracious smiles and warm towels and...  more
  • Robert Graham
  • Paulette Harmon
  • Heather Musselman
  • Candis R
    We were fortunate to be hired by Becky for our first workamping job. We were nervous starting this full time RVing lifestyle and wondering how it would work out. Becky and Bill were great to work with and immediately put us at ease. So glad we had the...  more
  • Tammy Newell
    So much I could say, where do I begin? We are all heartbroken. We miss her dearly but are relieved she’s no longer suffering. And that she’s in the safest place possible - Jehovahs memory, awaiting to be awakened from her deep sleep (John 5:28,29)....  more
  • Tammy Newell
    Giving gma ride on the jeep
  • Tammy Newell
  • Michelle  Barnauskas
    This time last year, I was in Florida for a much happier reason - just to visit. My adorable parents at Renegades. We loved to drive or boat there for lunch.
  • Michelle  Barnauskas
  • Michelle  Barnauskas
    Thank you for setting this up, Chelsea. Grandma was proud of you and loved you so much.
  • Chelsea Rogers
  • Chelsea Rogers
    Will miss this beautiful lady so much!! So many good memories I have with her..From early morning coffee together when I was little - time to “collect our thoughts for the day” she would always say - to family vacations at the beach, to conversations...  more