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Makara Weinstock-Conn

Barry Weinstock

January 07, 1947 - May 10, 2022

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Barry Weinstock. Barry is nearing the end of his battle with cancer and in preparation for the impending last moments, we ask for you to take a moment to share with us some of the ways Barry has touched your life either in words or in pictures....  see more

Barry Weinstock, 75, passed in his sleep in the early hours of Tuesday May 10th in his home in Tucson, Arizona with his wife of 41 years, Miriam Weinstock (Wurzel).  Barry is survived by his sisters, Honey Goldberg & Robyn Harmon, his children, Makara Conn (Joshua), Samuel Weinstock (Rachel) and his 4 Grandchildren, Ethan (12), Harper (10), Evelyn (7), and Jack (5).   He was surrounded by love, near and far, in his last days, and for...  see more
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  • Bob Friday
    I’m sitting outside our house, misty-eyed and reflecting on the wonderful stories other friends of Barry had written. He and Miriam lived two blocks from us and for that Marti, my wife, and I are eternally grateful as it allowed us to be there for one...  more
  • Jerrica Zimmermann
    Uncle Barry was present for some of the best moments of my life, and was one of the biggest supporters of my family during some of the worst. He leaves behind an amazing legacy and what a true mensch, giving so much to strangers (turned family) who had...  more
  • Rod McCormick
    Dear Barry, my heart is heavy with sadness but at the same time joyful for the time we spent together in friendship. It was in those "hazy" days of the late '60's, sharing the apartment near DU when I was substitute teaching and you worked at...  more
  • Brian Everroad
    Barry this is really hard to write.
    We grew up and you were always like a brother from an extended family.
    Playing football on Monaco you were always faster and I could never catch you
    Smoking pot and introduction to patchouli oil on Capital...  more
    • Brian Everroad
      Makara Weinstock-Conn Thank you for sharing! - Makara (Barry & Miriams daughter)
      • May 9, 2022
    • Brian Everroad
      Betty Carlson Barry, when I think of you my thoughts go back to Smiley Jr High and the 75 yd dash which I ran wearing YOUR track shoes. Girls didn't wear track shoes but you said go for it, so I did. Was that why I won the race and broke the record that day? I don't...  more
      • May 11, 2022
  • Larry Vaughn
    - [ ] Barry has been a friend of mine since high school. I remember riding in his white Volvo going skiing, and him playing drums in his basement. Later we gathered as mutual friends with a group whom we have been in touch with all these years. The...  more
  • Ponce Gebhardt
    In one of the last emails of the GW Committee (in an attempt to plan another reunion with Covid in the midst) , I remember stating that we will see you at the next reunion. And it breaks my heart to realize that will not be the case. I remember...  more
  • James Pardikes
    Barry I don't want to say goodbye. You have been such a great friend over the years. Even when I know I'll have to say goodbye, it won't erase the memories. I'll share one memory I have is when you had your BSA Lightning motorcycle and we road down...  more
    • James Pardikes
      Makara Weinstock-Conn Thank you for sharing! If youre in the Denver area, that's where we (his kids) are and would love to meet for lunch to hear stories! - Makara (Barry & Miriams daughter)
      • May 9, 2022
  • How do you put a lifetime of best friends into a memorial statement. Bar, we’ve known each other since 1st grade at Philips Elementary School. We’ve done just about everything imaginable together. You and I, Skip and Bill, borrowing strangers...  more
  • Larry Vaughn
  • Doug Ravenel
    Barry's courage, grace and good humor in facing the end of his life is an inspiration. Listening him talk about his perspective on the world is like standing on top of a mountain and seeing for miles in all directions. I feel very lucky to have known him.
  • Doug Ravenel
  • Michael  Blachly
    A George Washington High School Reunion, Michael and Judy Blachly with Miriam and Barry
  • Michael  Blachly
    Barry is one of the best human beings I’ve ever known. From the time that we met one another in high school, we have had a tight and close-knit friendship. A brotherhood.

    Whether we were on double dates as teenagers or sharing family values as...  more
  • Sharon Segal
    A Toast To Barry!!! Sending love to both you & Miriam!
    • Sharon Segal
      Sharon Segal Always ready to help those less fortunate.
      • May 7, 2022
  • Sharon Segal
    Red Hill visits plus Chef Barry
  • Sharon Segal
    Wonderful memories!
  • Miriam Wurzel Weinstock
    We come into the world and we depart. Two facts of life. No one gets out alive. As I post this the love of my life is preparing to depart ... move on, so to speak. We have had an amazing life together, made two of the most incredible kids anyone could...  more
  • Makara Weinstock-Conn
    So many sweet memories with our dad. Here are some of them over the years.

    Our dad loves us and maybe loves our kids even more. 😂❤️
    • Makara Weinstock-Conn
      Annette Williams Wonderful presentation of a life well-lived and loved!
      • May 10, 2022
  • Sharon Segal
    Wonderful days shared with Barry & Miriam at their home in Red Hill, NM!!
  • Sharon Segal
  • Mel White
    There's no beginning when sharing stories about Barry. There's simply the moment... because that's how it always feels. For what seems like a lifetime, I've had the pleasure of sharing time with Barry and Miriam at EXHIBITORLIVE each year in Las Vegas....  more
  • Makara Weinstock-Conn
    Some earlier photos of Dad and his sister Honey Goldberg
  • Elizabeth Bayee
    I did not have the pleasure of meeting Barry in person, however I know Makara. I have no doubt that the beautiful, caring, brave, energetic, gracious woman I know is a reflection of both her parents. His spirit will live on in her, her children and...  more
  • Terese Tveten-High
    Dearest Miriam and Barry - I was there for the beginning of your love story all those years ago, how wonderful to have a front row seat. Miriam, my college friend, young and giddy in love, and Barry, so much wiser than we could ever be. I loved our times...  more
  • Exhibitor Show, Las Vegas, NV 2009.
    • M Susan Zaenglein-Coppola
      Makara Weinstock-Conn Thank you Susan! They always enjoyed spending time with you!
      • May 6, 2022
    • M Susan Zaenglein-Coppola
      George Crowder Dear Barry such a wonderful high school friend ,college roommate…always good friends forever! Your sense of humor always brings a smile to my face. I will miss my dear friend…I love you Barry.
      • May 8, 2022
  • Melanie  Kline