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Fabian Janecko

Annie Pankow

August 31, 1987 - August 15, 2021

We created this memorial page to celebrate the life of Anne Pankow. This will be a place to collect your stories and memories of Annie and the amazing times we shared. Please feel free to share pictures, videos, stories, thoughts, or anything else to help us remember. Click on the heart to let us know you...  see more

"Remember you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine." — Snow White. We are so grateful and lucky to have known Miss Annie, she brought us so much joy in our lives and everyone around her. She was sweet, silly, spunky and sassy and her laughs and smiles were always contagious. She was a shining light in our lives and we will miss her so much. Thank you so much to everyone who supported her and for the care and fun and light...  see more
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  • nate rose
  • Fabian Janecko
  • Adam Coker
  • Adam Coker
    Dear Anne,
    Although your presence will be sorely missed I am very grateful for the all of happy moments that will stay forever. You were always a joy to be around and I am lucky to be one of the many who got to experience the sunshine you brought to the...  more
  • Titia Martin
    The Disney Princess songs will forever remind me of you dear Annie. We're in a whole new world now, without you. I'll miss your laugh and your inimitable pazazz.
  • Larene  Pare
  • Haley  Hernandez
  • Niara  Pare
    "Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day unseen, unheard but always near. Still loved, still missed and very dear"
    Annie, we shared so many special moments and forever I will treasure them in my heart. I’ll always remember the time...  more
  • Ames Lefever
  • Luke Ernst
    Annie! I will always remember how you loved throwing a ball at me in Feldenkrais and then laughing about it (I thought it was quite hilarious as well). I thought to myself at the time, wow this girl loves to have fun. Thank you for your big smile and big...  more
  • Will Glasser
    Dear Annie,

    You will be forever missed, cherished, and loved. How can I recall all of the countless memories we’ve shared, from going on trips to museums and concerts, to attending classes together, to enjoying jokes and pranks and many smiles. Thank...  more
  • Ames Lefever
    Dear Annie Banannie,

    I miss you so much. You brought so much joy and laughter to all of us and you left a little sparkle everywhere you went. I love all the adventures, jokes, laughter, smiles, and the good mannered mischief we had together. You were...  more
  • Gaby Henriquez
    Hey Annie

    Someone once called you rainbow sunshine. And I felt like that represented you perfectly. Rainbows can sometimes be rare to see in nature and that’s why you’re like a rainbow. You were a rare and beautiful. And you were sunshine because no...  more
  • Gaby Henriquez
  • Rosa DeWaard
  • Rosa DeWaard
    Annie-Bananie! You will forever be in my heart and I miss you so much.

    I remember when I first met you, you put me to the test and really made me work to get a laugh out of you. Then I think I had a sneeze attack and the rest was history. I remember...  more