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Jacqueline Felder

Annette Margaret Brooks

August 29, 1951 - July 02, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Annette Margaret Brooks . Mum had connections and friends all over the world and we wanted somewhere people could post pictures and stories so they could be shared by all

I am yet to meet someone who knew Mum and was not positively impacted by knowing her. She was the example to which we should all continue to reach for.
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Posts & Photos

  • Sherree Olsen
    I met Annette in 1990 when she took the trouble to come to my house to introduce herself when I was newly arrived in Kuala Lumpur. We became good friends, as did our children, and after we left Malaysia we kept in touch, albeit from opposite sides of the...  more
  • Jacqueline  Felder
  • Robert Newton
    Annette was one of the most forgiving and understanding person I have met. She always seem to look for the best in anyone. She always welcomed anyone to her home no matter who they are. My most fondest memory of her was when she told me some hard truths...  more
  • Jess Warner
    My lovely auntie i remember the nights when you came to baby sit me and Leo and we would sit and watch mid summer murders together when you lived in Elmswell and me and Leo would come over and visit happy memories the last few years I haven't seen you...  more