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Annette Estephan

June 04, 1937 - February 07, 2021

Join us in celebrating the life of Annette Estephan. There are so many people around the world who loved, and were greatly affected by Annette's life. This memorial page is a way for everyone who knew her to share their condolences and memories. If you knew her growing up, from church, from work, or from her...  see more

     Annette Lee Lewis was born on June 4th 1937 in Alma Michigan. She was the first born to Owana and Ford Lewis. Owana and Ford had a second child, George, before getting a divorce. Annette was raised by her father and stepmom, Francis. Annette helped take care of her younger siblings George, David, Jonathon, Michael, and Mary. Both of her parents would go on to have subsequent marriages and have more children. Annette's other...  see more
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