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Dana McKee

Anne Kittrell

April 10, 1971 - August 07, 2020

Our precious Anne left us too soon. We will never understand the Lord’s ways with this. But, we take comfort knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she is rejoicing with Jesus! We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Anne Duke Kittrell. The family would love to hear your stories and...  see more

Obituary - Anne Duke Kittrell Anne Duke Kittrell (April 10, 1971- August 7, 2020) Ask anyone what they remember about Anne Duke Kittrell and they will mention her love for her children, and her innate ability to meet people right where they are in life. Anne went to her eternal home, unexpectedly, on the morning of Friday August 7 while on her way to a routine Doctor’s appointment. Anne was born in Lancaster, PA to James...  see more
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  • Chris Duke
  • Brent Saunders
    Anne was one of the leaders for the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship small group I joined after transferring to JMU in 1992. IV was a huge part of my experience at JMU and small group was integral to that since that is what allowed you to really get to...  more
  • Kay Roberson
    Dear Sweet Anne,
    I am so sorry that I only had a short time knowing you but you were such a very kind person, always sensing when others were in need and reaching out at just the right moment. Only last year at this time, I lost my father and you sent...  more
  • Donna McCullough
    Anne was one of my best friends throughout high school and college. We did Student Government, theater, prom, spirit week and homecomings at Damascus High School. We went on to James Madison together and lived in Dingledine dorm. Anne and I did...  more
  • Sandy Shallow
    I met Anne many years ago in MOPS. She was a powerful presence with a calming spirit. She sang "Mary Did You Know" with her newborn in her arms to our MOPS group. I didn't really like Christian music at that time, but something about the way...  more
  • Mallory Otey
    Dear Anne, I am deeply saddened to hear of your passing. You were a wonderful friend. I cherished our friendship and time we got to spend together. You were hugely instrumental in growing my relationship with God. I still have my bible that you gave me....  more
  • Laura Brown
    Ever since I heard of Anne's death a week ago, I have been hearing this song in my head - Anne and I used to sing it on rainy days at JMU as we splashed through puddles on our way back and forth from our dorm to class: "There's a river of life,...  more
  • James Pothen
    Anne was my editor. She may have been a gentle soul, but she wouldn't let me hide behind my words. On one occasion she gave me the advice: "More detail, more imagery, more grit please." Please. Ha. That's Anne in sentence for you.
  • Beth Farrell Crook
    Jim and Barb used a bell to call Anne, Jenni and me back from playing in the woods and creek. When I had my own kids, we put a bell on our back door to call our own kids home. It was such a sweet memory. When all the girls at my 10 year old birthday...  more
  • Carol Holt
    Green Run Young Life will remember "Ms. Kitt" as someone who joined our leadership when she first started working at Green Run. She and Chad spent many Tuesday afternoons at Club sharing the love of Jesus with our students. They also shared...  more
  • Laura Burnette
    I first met Anne as my 11th grade English teacher at Ocean Lakes High School. She was always so inspiring to me as she shared her passion for literature and life in general as our teacher. As her student, I felt safe and cared for, but also challenged...  more
  • Paton Cadwallader
    Anne's light shone bright wherever she went and I am thankful for her presence in my life. Anne and I went to both high school and college together. I will always remember her warm smile, the twinkle in her eyes, and her huge, compassionate heart. Anne...  more
  • Craig Phillips
    Anne will forever occupy a very special place in my heart. I extend my sincerest condolences to her family, friends, and children.
  • Jodi Weakland
    Anne and I were classmates all through elementary, junior, and high school. We shared the love of Duran Duran for many years, as well as band and theatre. She was always such a gentle soul and couldn't have come from a more loving family. My heart breaks...  more
  • Betty Spencer
    Anne and I were colleagues at Green Run High School. Although our time together was brief, she touched me deeply. Anne and I hit it off immediately because she was easy to talk to and because we shared the love of God, family and hope for the world. ...  more
  • Sarah Bloom
    Anne and I grew up together as little girls attending Ascension Episcopal Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I was beyond delighted to rekindle our friendship at James Madison University. We enjoyed commuting back and forth from school to home together....  more
  • Josh Lumley
    Over the last several years people have often asked me how I face health issues with so much calm in the face of death. I always tell them that is because of Christ, but the way that God instilled that in me was through my friends the Kittrell's....  more
  • Scott Davis
    Anne was one of the first faces I saw upon arriving at JMU when I checked in at Dingledine Hall. Jesus really shown in her eyes in a profound way. I will always remember that moment of meeting her. Thankful to grieve with hope (1 Thes 4:13)! Prayers for the family!
  • Alexandra Rivera
    Oh my heart. I just saw you a couple weeks ago. In the short time I knew you, you have been such a tremendous blessing to my family. At a time when my husband and I felt defeated, you gave us hope. Even your voice was just so calming and positive. The...  more
  • Sean Robinson
    Where do I start?? I'm sure Anne would correct me in some way for starting a paragraph with that question when we first met. She was my 11th grade English teacher at Ocean Lakes back then in 1997-98. Since then, her and Kevin (Kitt) have been so much...  more
  • Kristin Harrell
    Anne was my small group leader freshman year at JMU. When she and Kevin got stationed at Fort story, I could not have been more excited. We were in small groups together, had our boys 8 days apart, and spent lots of fun times together. We had a few low...  more