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Ian Penales

Andy Penales

We created a memorial to celebrate the colorful life of Andrew Penales. Andy was a great father, husband, brother, cousin, friend, bike-mate, classmate, colleague and every other great connection we had with him. He lived his life full of love and adventure. He has touched our lives in different...  see more

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  • Y2K Villanueva
    Tito Andy was a “cool tito” who always gave practical and funny advice. Thanks for providing for my cousins and for being present in all the family events. It’s still a shock for me and I’m sad at the thought of not seeing you the next time I fly...  more
  • Leo Vijandre
    Will never forget our conversion on a zoom call he asked me why he doesn’t remember me (most of my batch mates don’t 😀) told him we were only batch mates during our freshman year the following year I got demoted back to freshman then demoted again...  more
  • Aimee Guinto
    CONDOLENCE to my nieces and nephews who have lost a good father, provider to them. I am saddened because they are now orphans but know we will take care of them. ICO AND IMO will get to finish college and they will make both of you and Bridgette proud....  more
  • Inna Pnls
    Papa, I will miss you very much. Thankyou for being the best role model. You taught me to prioritize having a clear conscience over a dirty one even if that means giving up money, power, and fame. You taught me to appreciate having a simple life (kaya...  more
  • olive merano
  • olive merano
  • Mags Merano
    Kuya Andy, we will surely miss you! Ang daya mo, panay bilin mo last time sa wake ni kuya raymund na mag iingat kami palagi kase sabimo tayo na ang next in line yun pala ikaw na agad ang susunod😢
    Up to now hindi ako makapaniwala na wala ka na, sobra...  more
  • Michelle Villanueva
    Tito Andy, I’ll never forget our family get-togethers and of course, your funny jokes and hirits for me growing up. I still can’t believe you’re not with us anymore, but I know you’re happy in heaven now with Tita Bridgette 👼🏼

    PS -...  more
  • Arlene Reginaldo
    This was your last message in our family viber group. I thought it was weird that you sent this because you always send bastos memes or some political ekeks. Rest in peace now my brother. I love you. It’s painful you left this way and we cannot be...  more
    • Arlene Reginaldo
      Aimee Guinto Condolence Arlene to you and your siblings.
      • October 20, 2021
  • Ian Penales
    We will miss you Papa! We will miss your corny dad jokes, obsession for coffee, and most of all - your love and sacrifice for the family. I still can't fully process what happened and will probably always feel an emptiness that you can only fill. I won't...  more