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Andrew W. Pickholtz

August 01, 1963 - August 16, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Andrew W. Pickholtz. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here. Information about his virtual celebration of life service is below. To add songs to the Eternal Playlist for...  see more

Andrew Pickholtz (1963-2021), Attorney, Entrepreneur and Inventor  Andrew W. Pickholtz, 58, of Cupertino CA, a San Francisco-area attorney who specialized in corporate law, computer law, securities, and intellectual property, died Monday, August 16th.      Mr. Pickholtz had an extraordinary intellect and a unique ability to use the law and technical knowledge advantageously for his clients.  His unshakable confidence, perseverance,...  see more
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  • Dallas Kingsbury
    I was another law school classmate of Andy's. I loved his impish smile and positive attitude. I traveled a lot after law school. When I went to the Bay Area I made a point of hooking up with Andy. He took me to a hole in the wall restaurant in...  more
  • Tom Karr
    I just learned of Andy's passing through UVa Law (we were classmates). Simply put, he was a really good guy. I mourn his passing and my heart goes out to his loved ones. - Tom Karr
  • Julie Pickholtz
    As we all know, Andrew was never at a loss for something poignant to say. But one of my favorite memories with him was when we spent 3 hours not speaking much. I will never forget seeing the Grateful Dead with him on that beautiful night at Shoreline...  more
    Grateful Dead August 18, 1991 Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, CA. Recording Info: SBD ~ Cassette Master (TDK SA-X100) Transfer Info: Cassette Master (Nakamichi CR-7A) ~ Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.6 MHz) ~ KORG AudioGate 4 ~ Adobe Audition CC201...
  • Dave Cohan
    The Celebration of Life was a beautiful tribute and showed what a special person Andy was. We were housemates during our second year in law school. His intellect was obvious, and everyone who knew him knows about that mischievous smile. What's not so...  more
  • Esteban Gonzalez
    Andy was truly a brother from another. and i don't just mean because, as he would often remind me, we were both members of an oppressed minority.

    And because he was like a brother I can say he was antagonistic, he was confrontational, he was annoying,...  more
  • Rex Hayes
    I am not even sure what to put here. You cannot sum of 50 years of very close friendship that Andy, Dan and I shared in a few sentences. From the time we met, if two of us go together, the third was always drawn in, if possible, starting in the 3rd...  more
  • Dan Smith
    A bit of detail from a story about Andy, Rex, and I: Through elementary school the three of us were inseparable. We’d choose which house to have the regular weekend sleepover: mine with the massive basement and my mom not caring what we built down...  more
  • Marjorie Lang
    Today’s Celebration of Andrew’s life was a beautiful tribute to a life well lived. When I think about growing up , the Pickholtz family is front and center, Jeff/Robin, Marjorie/Andrew, Liz/Julie. It was like a cross between The Wonder Years and...  more
  • John Guynn
    I met Andy while at UVa law school. I can't remember if I already knew him when Bob Scott named one of his contract class themes the "Pickholtz Principle". I remember vaguely discussing patent law with him once, but after law school he worked...  more
  • Michael Friedman
  • Sharna Shachar
  • Jon Talcott
  • Jon Talcott
  • Jon Talcott
    Photos of Andy at graduation and in law school
  • Jon Talcott
  • Jon Talcott
  • Jon Talcott
    I was reading the New York Times this morning and there was an article about crypto currencies. I do legal work in the space but I do not completely understand them. I found myself reaching for the phone to call my friend Andy. But he was not there. He...  more
  • Jon Talcott
    I was Andy’s roommate in law school. I will always remember him as a wonerful friend who I kept in touch with over the years. We had many conversations about many topics. I always appreciated how smart and kind he was.
  • Irene Wilson
    Andrew was a warm and affectionate person who will be remembered and missed by all of us. I remember him as a 22 year od adventours young man, who joined us on a visit to Ecuador. He fit right in. However, he decided to take local transport to Peru. ...  more
  • Donald Schilling
    We are Annette and Don Schilling. Ray and I went to Brooklyn Poly and then were Professors there after 1962.

  • J Appelbaum
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    • J Appelbaum
      J Appelbaum andrew was a brilliant, witty funny smart guy and a wonderful friend. I learned tons from him about how to be a good lawyer, he was an excellent lawyer and great teacher, always ready and willing to answer my questions. he will be much missed by all...  more
  • Kenneth Zeger
    Here's one "typical" memory. Back in late 1990 or early 1991, I was
    living in Honolulu, and Andy visited me for a few days and stayed in
    my apartment in Manoa at the University of Hawaii campus. While I was
    teaching one day, he managed to...  more
  • Alex Volinsky
  • Barry Kramer
    I will miss Andy. I enjoyed discussing politics, sports and investment strategy with him, and even in the short time since he has passed I have seen articles I wanted to discuss with him and ideas I wanted to share. He was a good friend who connected...  more
  • Dave Graubart
  • Joseph Aein
    Andrew Pickholtz, a life tragically shortened and a profoundly sad loss for family, friends, and community. A life lived with many, many accomplishments, devotion to family & friends, and wisdom shared with all privileged to know him.
    Bar mitzvah,...  more
  • Nancy Blachman
    Though I am very sad, I feel fortunate for having Andrew as my friend for decades. When Eda and Ray, his parents, visited Andrew shortly after he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989, they arranged to have lunch at a Chinese restaurant in San...  more
  • Giulia Cicchetti
    I just learned of Andy’s passing and am very sad and want to send my condolences to the Pickholtz family. Andy will be missed. I have fond memories of our time together at Harvard and a fun trip in California visiting the sequoias and with Eda...  more
  • Lauren Fogel
    I loved Andy (I liked to call him "Anderson") and felt so lucky to be welcomed into the 425 Golden Oak Drive family. He remained a loyal friend and my heart goes out to his incredible network of family and friends who are experiencing his...  more
  • Ellen Kelly
  • Anne Monseur
    Over 50 years of friendship. We were a close knit group from back in our Mantua Elementary School days. Andy was always kind and generous, a lovely man with a smile that lit up a room. I'm grateful for the time spent together at our 25th reunion. Rest in...  more
  • Patricia Nakache
    I first met Andy at Harvard where we both lived in Winthrop House and discovered that we both hailed from Fairfax County, Virginia. We we were both physics majors and figured that we had been at the same math team competitions in high school and knew...  more
  • Patricia Nakache
  • Michele Ono
  • Karen Mumford
    My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I had the joy of knowing Andrew and having him as a piano student when he was in middle school. He excelled as a piano student at that time and continued that excellent pattern throughout his life. It was...  more
  • Eda Pickholtz
    Andrew made sure Lia and Sam could read repair manuals, and research products. For example, they had to justify their choice of one model of computer over another, according to their research. This is one of the most practical skills a person could...  more
  • Eda Pickholtz
    Andrew loved Costco. A trip to Costco would last several hours. On our last trip together before COVID, he would say, “Mom, you need this, or you need that.” I hate waste, and I would answer that I really don’t need it. Well, on our last trip...  more
  • Eda Pickholtz
    Well done, Diego and Andrew, in mastering the world of computers.
  • Eda Pickholtz
  • diego wilson
    I met Andrew when he was 16 years old as I had started a friendship with Robin, his sister. Then, after years of dating I married Robin, Andrew became my brother in-law. However, he became more like a brother and we shared many things in common, we...  more
  • Robin Wilson
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      Diego Wilson I met Andrew when he was 16 years old as I had started a friendship with Robin, his sister. Then, after years of dating I married Robin, Andrew became my brother in-law. However, he became more like a brother and we shared many things in common, we...  more
      • August 26, 2021
  • Leslie Klein
    As a college sophomore visiting in Fairfax, I drove Aunt Eda, Robin, 9 and Andrew age 5 to the Mason estate. We came upon a stream with a tree trunk that all except Andrew wobbled across. He had found an easier, quicker route!! I knew then!!
  • Mike Ginsberg
    Andrew had a passion for knowledge and learning, and I always thought he tried to share that with the people around him. It was easy to see that he truly enjoyed having lively discussions and that interpersonal exchange of facts and opinions, regardless...  more
  • Evan Wilson
    Andrew and I were part of family's small West coast contingent. When I first moved from the East coast, Andrew and Jan went above and beyond to make me feel welcome. They invited us to dinners, hosted Passover, took us on bike rides, camping at Camp...  more
  • Marni Nutkowitz
    Deepest condolences on the loss of Andrew. Although I only met him a couple of times, I know how much he meant to his family, friends, and the people he served. I’m in awe of his amazing accomplishments and his unyielding devotion, loyalty and...  more
  • Celia Chetham
  • Chrisopher Harendza
    Andrew was one of a kind who stood out among the most brilliant of men I have ever met in my life. When I first met Julie and visited her parent's home, I was floored by the collection of math and science books in his childhood bedroom. I thought, who...  more
  • Tanya Wilson-Peña
  • Norbert Hootsmans