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    Feb 9, 2021, 1:00 PM US/Central

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Katie Hollis

Andrew Davis

May 27, 1983 - January 31, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Andrew Davis . Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Andrew was colorful. Andrew was full of life. He never met a stranger. He loved his people. He carried a heavy load, and now that load is light.  Reading stories and seeing photos of his life is sweet. Thanks for loving our brother and son. 
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  • Kenny Rodgers
    Davis Family,

    This is Kenny Rodgers from way back. I’ve lived in Dallas for the last couple of decades, and haven’t made my way back to Tomball in quite some time. In addition to that I’m not on social media, and haven’t always done the best job...  more
  • Fredericka Bourland
  • Shelly Booth-Park
  • Elaine Loving
  • Jaimie  Mcgilvray
    Oh gosh Andrew I love you so much. Life stopped 10 days ago when dad called me and told me you were gone. Yesterday your service was the hardest day of my life this far, but when I woke up today this huge weight was lifted, like life is going to be okay...  more
  • Cody Foote
    I’ve always had a hard time processing grief. I’m not sure I’ll ever be at peace with this pain. Andrew had such an impact on my life. He and I spent summers in San Marcos, took road trips across the country and got in to more trouble than I can...  more
  • Beth Baker
  • Brittnee Gregoire
  • Karen Hale
  • Brittnee Gregoire
    I don't have many childhood memories that don't include the Davis family. Andrew was one of the most fun loving kids and a helped make my childhood. He was never fake and always fun. He teased me alllll the time but I knew it was all in good fun....  more
  • Steve Koinis
    Rick, Terri, Matt, Katie, and Jamie -- Thank you for sharing your memories and this special service for Andrew with us. That was a beautiful memorial, and your love of Andrew is vivid and great. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His...  more
  • Amy White
  • Amy White
    The world lost a wonderful person. Drew, I will miss your magic tricks, your laughter, the way you viewed the world and the intense passion you had for life. I'll never forget the night we met at Leslies and you immediately welcomed me into your life...  more
  • Ed Hale
  • Richard Schumann
  • Joel Schoepf
  • Brad Muller
    Andrew was a wonderful, loving and joyful young man. He always had kind things to say and was just a pleasure to share time with. Andrew was loved and cherished by many, and was blessed to have a loving and caring family. Our love, prayers and thoughts...  more
  • Melissa Fairchild
    Already missing the fun and peace u brought to me... Your beautiful art and bikes and your fierce conviction is rare . You were my Peter darling and I'm your Wendy darling. 2 stars to the right and straight into morning I'll see u again my dearest...  more
  • Melissa Fairchild
    Oh me and the lost boys are dull and sad without you... I will miss you
    r utter fabulousness, your advice, your wit and intelligence, your art...most of all I Will miss your altruistic ways and desire to help everyone.. peace love and anarchy forever.
  • Melissa Fairchild
  • Lee and Sherry Rushing
  • Lee and Sherry Rushing
    We met the Davis family in 1990 through Rosehill Christian School and spent a lot of time together as families. Our boys and Matt and Andrew played together the way young boys do. I know our boys went down to the creek behind their house and just did...  more
  • John Mike Schoepf
  • Andy Anderson
  • Joe Shrum
  • Joe Shrum
    Andrew is in my earliest memories. We were next door neighbors, best friends, and inseparable as young boys until my family moved when Andrew and I were both eight years old. I did not have the opportunity to know Andrew as an adult, but I want to...  more
    • Joe Shrum
      Will Hobbs Hey Joe! I remember the creek and the trampoline, and watching Gone With The Wind at your house with Peanut Butter M&M’s during a sleepover. Y’all were both a lot tougher than I was haha! Sometimes (all the time) I had to tap out on the trampoline...  more
    • Joe Shrum
      Joe Shrum Hey Will! It's good to hear from you. Gone With the Wind and Peanut Butter M&Ms lol...our parents made it look easy, didn't they. I appreciate you looking me up on Facebook... I might be the last person to not have a Facebook page. I hope you are doing...  more
  • Katie Hollis
    Will and Andrew in Cape Cod ❤️
  • Will Hobbs
    Andrew was one of my best friends as a child, along with Seth Anderson. I have loved him since the day I met him. How can you not? He makes you feel like you're one of the most important people in the room, and he's always interested in what you're up...  more
  • noel hodgea
  • Steve & Brenda Koinis
  • Steve Koinis
  • aaron seidel
    Andrew was the definition of a free spirit. Always smiling and having a good time. Rest easy my friend.
  • Tyra Sorrells
  • Yacobminscky Music
  • Chelsea Sutton
  • Danielle  Jackson
  • Beth Petrich
    My memory of Andrew goes way back! He was in my Sunday School class I think he was 3 or 4 he walked in and announced “hey everybody my birthday is 27 days in May!” I saw him and the cutest bulldog years later and he remembered me❤️ Squeezin’ hug to all of you❣️
  • Justin Peltier
  • John Williams
    I’ll never forget both the first and the last time I saw Andrew. Love you brother, I’ll see you again.
  • Brad Muller
  • Bill  Tasker
  • Blake Nabours
  • Jana Pasche
  • Paula Hickman
  • Jeff Paul
    So sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to all of the Davis family.
  • Larry Schulin
    • Larry Schulin
      Larry Schulin Thinking of you, and your family. Hoping you find Peace and Comfort knowing that Andrew is no longer troubled, or in any kind of pain. Also, I'm sure there are lots of fond memories of better days, and simpler times.

      On behalf of the entire Schulin...  more
      • February 6, 2021
  • Amanda Manzer
    When I met Andrew at Main Street I was there for a burger and a beer. I had to say my order twice because the guy taking my order (Drew) just stood there...yes, Drew speechless...shocking! We spent a very interesting and exciting 8 years together. He...  more
  • Marie and Roy Baird
  • Donna Perio
    • Donna Perio
      Donna Perio We're so sorry for your loss Matt. Josh & I will praying for peace, comfort & strength for you, your family & friends. May you all feel loving arms of God holding you close during these days ahead.
      • February 5, 2021
  • Drew Hollis
    I’ll always remember the time we first met. I pulled into your parent’s driveway (I was a sweaty nervous mess)...I was there to pick up your little sister Katie, my prom date. You were playing every bit of the part of “protective older brother,”...  more