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To plant a tree and install a bench in Prospect Park, Brooklyn in memory of Andrea. Any amount over our goal will be donated to the Parole Preparation Project, an organization very dear to Andrea's heart.

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Andrea Yacka-Bible

March 07, 1973 - November 20, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Andrea Yacka-Bible. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Andrea Lynn Yacka-Bible, a life-long advocate, activist and prison abolitionist, died on November 20, 2021 in Manhattan, of pancreatic cancer. She was 48. She is survived by her partner Suzanne Yacka-Bible, her parents Rollin and Rebecca Bible, and her sister Sara Bible.   Andrea was born on March 7, 1973 in St. Paul, MN, to Rebecca and Rollin Bible. She attended the University of Minnesota, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in...  see more
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  • Sue Yacka-Bible
    With deepest and most profound gratitude for all of you, I’m here to share that Andrea’s memorial tree and bench are now a part of Prospect Park’s beautiful human, animal, and plant ecosystem.

    This tree and bench are a direct result of the...  more
  • Amy Little
    Andrea I am thinking of you even more today on your birthday, holding you in my heart, missing your everything, especially your joy, laughter and song. I deeply enjoyed exchanging birthday greetings with you, whether across the bay or across the country...  more
  • Nick R
    So sad to hear this news. I worked with Andrea on a few projects at the U of MN in the '90s, and she was so bright and positive. I'm glad I knew her for a short while.
  • Ross VeLure Roholt
  • Andrea Caregiving Team
    We've had a request to share the music from the memorial, which were all songs that Andrea loved and many she chose for her memorial herself. Here is the playlist, may it be a comfort through this hard winter. Light and love to all. ...  more
  • Ying-Ying Ma
    missing you, my beautiful friend. wish you were barefoot in my living room right now, discussing plans and resolutions for the new year <3. sending love to everyone who still checks this page for updates.
  • Tom Finnegan
    This is such sad news, I am in shock. Andrea is, and has always been, one of the kindest, most compassionate people in the world. She has always been someone I, and everyone who knew her, love and respect,. She was so dedicated to making the world a...  more
  • Tom Finnegan
  • Amy Little
    Andrea, I miss you dearly, but I feel your warm, fierce, loving powerhouse presence with me each day, as I know so many others do too.

    I am not sure of the exact dates, but I believe that I met Andrea sometime in 2004, when I was volunteering with the...  more
  • Naila Siddiqui
  • Stacy Auer
  • Rollin Bible
  • Wade Rosenthal
    I have two more related anecdotes about how brilliant and humble our friend was/is.
    Andrea interned for an appellate defender during law school (impressive enough on its own). I went with a small group of clinical students to cheer her on when she...  more
  • Kacy Koo
  • sujatha baliga
  • Becky Bible
  • Julia Kuan
    I’m so sad to hear about Andrea’s passing. I remember her as a smart, thoughtful and talented law student and how she was committed to doing good in the world. 💔
  • Jeff Pollet
    I met Andrea when she sat next to me on BART and we happened to each be reading a book on prison abolition. We talked and talked that day, and only hung out once in real life after that--and yet she really affected my life and my way of thinking. We...  more
  • Julia Burke
  • Celia Givens
  • Ruth Anne Cionca
  • Alexandra Smith
  • Caitlin  Miller
    I really looked up to Andrea when I did the CWS workshop years ago. She was quiet but powerful, grounded and passionate. She truly walked the walk. She taught us so much. So saddened by her loss.
  • Sue O
    How can it be true that none of us will get to see Andrea’s radiant smile again? I fear I don’t have the words to do justice to this justice-loving woman. How to properly honor this passionate, brilliant, strategic, political, fun-loving, loveable,...  more
    • Sue O
      Debbie Lee Thank you Sue.... I'm overwhelmed by sadness. I will write something later, but your words are so so true. I didn't know her well, but she influenced and inspired me. Her spirit and amazing warmth, passion, love, persistence and optimism was...  more
    • Sue O
      Debbie Lee I worked with her at a 'sister organization' in San Francisco funded by DHHS.
      • December 7, 2021
  • Samantha Rogers
  • Bilen Berhanu
    I got the high honor and blessing to share a home with Andrea for a few years before she started law school. We had a lovely email exchange before scheduling a time for her to see the space. I overslept that morning and ended up welcoming her in my pjs...  more
  • Bilen Berhanu
  • Jason Wu
    Andrea was an incredibly kind and brilliant colleague and human being--someone who I admired and greatly respected. Rest in power Andrea, and my deepest condolences to all of her loved ones. Here is a photo of Andrea and me at Trans Day of Action, June 22, 2018.
  • Mitchyll Mora
    I wasn't close with Andrea but I have been touched by Andrea's kindness and advocacy. Not only me but many of the people I advocate on behalf of who are incarcerated. Andrea was truly a beautiful person. I knew if I reached out to Andrea with questions...  more
  • Harvey Stark
  • Stephanie Schaudel
    I believe Andrea and I met on the first day of our participation in the Challenging White Supremacy Workshop in early 2004. I remember sharing space in that 3rd floor meeting room at 522 Valencia and bonding so quickly over our shared very Pisces...  more
  • virge goggin
  • David Loftis
    I just want to express how much I miss Andrea today. And how wonderful it is to see the photos folks shared. She was so full of wisdom and kindness. A thoughtful builder of community, Andrea’s genius, I think, came from how she centered her...  more
  • Jenny Goldberg
  • Kelly Skelton
  • Melissa Hooper
  • KT Richardson
  • J. Workman
  • Madeline Porta
  • Lucas Cuellar
  • jess violetta
    In our later 20s I worked with Andrea Yacka-Bible coordinating and studying an anti-racist education project now know as - The Anne Braden Program. It was clear from the beginning she stood out amongst our coordinating team. Andrea, at that time had been...  more
  • Ash Stephens
  • Shelby  Chestnut
    After work hangs with AVPeeps and Andrea were always some of my favorites- I loved the convos we always had. The last time I saw Andrea and Sue IRL was over the summer in Minnesota, during the summer Olympics, and it was a dream come true to cheer on...  more
  • Mimi Kim
  • Nancy Haddorff
    Andrea and Sue came out to our land in Minnesota and were able to drive our tractor! It was quite a highlight for them that year!
  • Nancy Haddorff
  • Tracy Severson
  • Thanu Yakupitiyage
    I always admired Andrea Bible. There was a quiet power and sureness to her. She was so incredibly loyal and loving to my best friend Rafa, and therefore always treated me with kindness and like family (even when tbh I was sometimes jealous of the new...  more
  • Mol Parker-Kafka
  • Conor Carrigan