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Ana Margarita “Anaita” Baez Alies

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Ana Margarita “Anaita” Baez Alies. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Ana Margarita Báez Alies (Anaita) inició el viaje de su vida en La Romana, República Dominicana el 11 de abril del 1973. Era la hija menor de Roberto Báez y Ana Beatriz Alies de Báez. Siempre será recordada por sus devotas hermanas Lina, Daisy, Astrid, Rosangela y su inseparable gemela Ana Beatriz. Anaita adoraba a su hijo Vincent, quien apreciara sus recuerdos juntos eternamente. Ana era una profesional de la salud y empresaria....  see more
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  • Greg Lawson
    How do I find out more information about where she is resting, so I can pay my proper respect, she was a very dear friend to me thank you,
  • Greg Lawson
  • Laura del Rio
    I’ll always remember the first time we met in Mexico... I’ll always remember every single time we hung out really. Amazing times, always... the coolest person I ever met, the essence of life. 2020 was a very sad year and God wanted you next to him to...  more
  • Audra  Harding
  • Nikki Santana Ortiz
    Anita, when Mimi introduced us 20 years ago, I had no idea you would become such a dear friend. We shared so many amazing times from dancing, to weddings to baby showers. You were my friend for the good times and the bad, and I will hold you dear in my...  more
  • Yenesia Morales
    Mi querida Anaita, gracias a Dios por ponerte en mi camino. Fuiste de gran bendición para mí desde que nos conocimos y por siempre serás mi hermana del alma, "My Soul Sister" Cuando más necesitaba confiar en alguien y desahogarme en mi adolescencia,...  more
  • Yenesia Morales
  • Carolina Torres
  • Nikki Santana Ortiz
  • Alexandra Guzman
    You and your sister were my saving grace when I moved to Miami. And then again, after losing touch, running into you - at Winn Dixie of all places! - brought it all back. Always respectful of differences, you never pressured or pushed, just accepted and...  more
  • Nikolas Carod
  • Camila Gamboa
    Tia was always the best to be around. I spent a lot of time at her house as a kid, we would always go to spend the day or the weekend in her pool and barbecue! She always made everyone laugh and we always had so much fun with her, there are so many great...  more
  • Yenesia  Morales
  • dulce rosita
    Gracias por este tiempo compartido ..
    Por todo lo que vivinos yvtodonlo que aprendi de ti ..
    Quedaron muchas cosas por hacer pero yo voy a tratar de cumplir algunas de cosas y cada logro te lo voy a meditar a ti..
    Dejas in vacio inmenso ahora a...  more
  • dulce rosita
  • Ana Baez Carod
    I had the honor to meet you before anyone, we share 9 months just us, you decided to come out unconventional your feet first vs your head and that was the way you lead your life unconventional and free spirit. You left a mark on the ones that meet you...  more
  • Astrid Baez
    Mi querida hermanita, te extraño como no puedes imaginarte. Fuiste mi primer gran amor, mi roommate, mi consejera, mi amiga, mi consuelo en momentos difíciles. Nos peleamos como todas las hermanas lo hacen, pero terminábamos siempre en el mismo...  more
  • Ana Baez Carod
    • Ana Baez Carod
      Greg Lawson How do I find out more information about her passing so I can pay my respects - she was a very dear friend of mine and I would like to say my proper honor thanks
      • April 17, 2021