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    Feb 21, 2022, 4:00 PM US/Mountain

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Luis David Sierra Field

Amelia Shelby Sierra Lopez

August 01, 2021 - December 30, 2021

Dear Friends and Family, Welcome to our page where we will show our sweet Amelia some love, admiration and respect. Amelia passed away 12/30/2021 due to Rhabdonyosarcoma Cancer. Amelia had been tirelessly battling cancer since birth, yet Amelia was always a happy baby. Although we’ve had our highs and...  see more

Amelia Shelby Sierra Lopez passed away peacefully in her parents arms December 30th, 2021, surrounded by her parents love, and her hospital family. Amelia was born 8/01/2021 to parents Luis David Sierra Field and Maria Lopez. Amelia was a very active and happy baby. She loved playing with her toys and enjoying her time with her parents. Despite Amelia's challenges she always kept a smile on her face and aced every challenge that...  see more
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  • Jenny Mendelson
    It was such a pleasure to help take care of sweet smiley Amelia. Your love for her flowed from her room and helped fill us all up. Sending condolences.
  • Katie Kowalek
    I always enjoyed walking into Amelia’s room and seeing her smile. It was the most beautiful smile and she loved to have visitors. Amelia also has the sweetest parents, whose love was so apparent and strong. Thinking of all of you often.
  • Ellen Duperret
    In her short life, Amelia was blessed to have the love of two amazing parents, Luis and Maria. In my photography session with the family, I could feel the love that they had for Amelia. And I could feel the love that Amelia had for her parents, which...  more
  • Laura Davis
    Amelia stole my heart from the moment I met her! The highlight of my day was visiting her and her sweet parents. Watching her grow and develop brought me such joy. Her beautiful smile and cuddles with her little elf are memories I will treasure forever....  more
  • Kristine Lluria
    I have been blessed with amazing memories of families in my career. Amelia and her parents are such a family. I will treasure the memory of Amelia always lighting up every time her Father Luis came in the room, the way she would perk up and look around...  more
  • Sara Kroll
    Dear Luis and Maria,
    Amelia was the sweetest little fighter I've ever met. She had the courage of a lion. When she smiled, you could see what a bright spirit she possessed. You two are the best possible parents she could have asked for. I have always...  more
  • Flora Field