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Jessica Forsyth

Alfred W. Forsyth

January 23, 1928 - October 05, 2021

We created this memorial to celebrate the life of Alfred W. Forsyth. We know that Al touched so many lives and collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort, celebrate the incredible life he lived, and keep his memory alive for us all. Click on the heart to let us know you were here...  see more

Alfred William Forsyth, age 93, of New York City, passed away peacefully on Tuesday October 5th, 2021, from natural causes surrounded as he was in life by his loving wife and daughters. He is survived by his wife Libby Forsyth, daughter Cecilia Crossman, son Brian Forsyth, daughters Priscilla Forsyth and Jessica Forsyth, and grandchildren Alexas, Alexander, Alexandria, Shannon, Marva, Kamali, Andrew, Savannah, Penny, Desmond, Dexter,...  see more
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  • Sissi Marini
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful memorial video. I wasn't able to attend in person last year due to a family gathering on my son’s birthday 10/24. Now that I saw the video I feel I was present at the memorial too, such a wonderful, heartwarming...  more
  • Betty-Jeanne Korson
    I have fond memories of Al. He was a mentor to my late husband, Don Korson, who, as a business man , sought h is advice on many financial issues .
    But my fondest memories of Al center around a visit he made with his wife Libby and brother-in-law...  more
  • Soraya Burtnett
  • Priscilla Forsyth
    In honor of Al's birthday today, we're pleased to share this video of his full memorial service.
    Full video of Al Forsyth's memorial on October 24, 2021.
    • Priscilla Forsyth
      Patricia Forsyth Happy birthday in Heaven Alfred! You are missed dearly by all. Love Forever Patti Forsyth ❤️❤️❤️
      • January 24, 2022
  • A. Kyele Kingoo
    Thank you for everything Alfred. You are dearly missed by my family in Kenya and in the U.S. You live on vividly in the counsel you provided us; the joyful times you shared with us; and the healing you spoke and wrote to us while we were in our troubled...  more
  • A. Kyele Kingoo
  • Priscilla Forsyth
    We put this slideshow together for Al's memorial. It’s the story of his incredibly rich life through photographs, set to the soundtrack of one of his favorite films, Cinema Paradiso, which reminded him of his childhood in Grenada where he would sneak into...
  • Mariko In CO
  • Carla Adams
    Uncle Alfred, I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet you. Hearing the wonderful memories of you today warmed my heart. I wish I could rewind the hands of time so our time together could have been longer. Rest easy Uncle. We will meet again. 💖
  • Brian Gleeson
    Sending all the Forsyth family all the love and warm thoughts for Al on his journey. Al was always so special and the warmth he gave off made anyone feel at ease. The wisdom and advice I received during my time on St. Mark’s I will hold with me...  more
  • Alma Forsyth
    Uncle Alfred you will forever be in my heart and I will cherish our times together. RIP Uncle
  • Alma Forsyth
  • Denise Noel De-Bique
    Uncle Alfred - Wise, generous spirit. A warm expansive presence that was always so welcoming. Brother of my mother Alina.

    We first met when my mother took us to visit on the graduation of my oldest daughter Tonya in New York. His embrace of our...  more
  • Genie Gleeson
    Sending you all much love today! Al was a truly special man- with a heart of gold- who made everyone who came into his house feel special and valued. I remember one of my first visits with the kids and without Harlan he took me out to breakfast- it was...  more
  • Shannon Forsyth
  • Mariko In CO
    Al was a great influence in my life, a sage, a guru, a father figure and a philosopher. He was one of the few people who knew my father well, so when I sought advice from him, regarding family challenges, he was uniquely positioned to give advice. As the...  more
  • Francisca Pola
    When we first arrived in the US, we met Al’s wonderful family. We recall getting invitations to Al and Libby’s home to celebrate traditions that we had never experienced, such as the Superbowl and the X-mas tree trimming party. On all of those...  more
  • Preeti Sodhi
  • Neal Davis
  • Margaret Blachly
  • Liza Martin
    It is so nice to read all these stories of how Al lived in and loved the world around him and made many friends along the way. What beautiful photos as well! I must have been about 8 years old when Priscilla introduced me to her family and, like most...  more
  • Kelly Ryerson
    I’m so grateful to have known Al. He was my teacher at F.I.T. and then later a friend in the neighborhood. And most recently a great friend helping me through a chapter in life. I feel so lucky to have had a seat at his table.
  • Shannon Forsyth
    Prayers going up. RIP Grandad. I love you
  • Ollie Piantieri
    I met Al in the early 70's, around '74 or '75 when he and Libby bought the house on St Marks Place where I had an apartment. I immediately liked them and soon felt a strong connection with their young family. Jessica was just a toddler when they moved in...  more
  • Hussein Katz
    My deepest condolences, love, and prayers ❤️🙏
    Al was a true role model, confidant, adviser, and great supporter. I will always carry his influence and wise words of advice with me through life.
  • Francis Power
  • Harlan  Gleeson
    Dearest Al -
    I first met you on a visit to New York City with my brother Daniel, your future son-in-law.
    As I walked into the early morning setting of you at the kitchen table in that wide open sun-lit kitchen you emanated such a friendly, welcoming...  more
  • Harlan  Gleeson
  • JK Forsyth
  • Sissi Marini
    Our hearts go out to you, the lovely Forsyth family, so sorry for your loss. Al will be missed by many. He was and is such a wonderful person, kind, intelligent, loyal and wise. I feel blessed and lucky that Al was my friend for more than 5 decades. A...  more
  • Sissi Marini
  • Jefferson Forsyth
  • Francis Power
    Al's voice always put a smile on my face! He has undoubtedly brightened the afterlife, as he did on earth. Our love and condolences to the Forsyth family.
  • Dan Gleeson
  • Sheila Rothenberg
  • S Druker
  • Jamie Cunha
    My memories of Al all take place in the belly of the Forsyth home, where he and Libby constantly hosted Priscilla and Jessica's friends, welcoming us as though we were family. Al showed us what a devoted father and husband looks like, and the entire...  more
  • Catlin Preston
  • Mathilde Fischer
  • Mathilde Fischer
    Dearest Al, now you can talk further in heaven with your friend Errol Sawyer, photographer, who passed away December 24, 2020.
    We are sending loving thoughts to your family from Amsterdam. You will be missed but not forgotten by Mathilde Fischer & Victor Sawyer.
  • Jessica Forsyth
  • Randy  Duchaine
    You were my creative father of another mother. I cherish all of our 40 plus years of friendship, love & respect! Randy
  • Randy  Duchaine
  • Michelle Gleeson
  • Sarah Kovner
  • Patricia Forsyth
    Sleep in peace Alfred! You’re in good company up there buddy! Love until the end of time! ~patti
  • rufus gleeson
  • Imani Wilson
  • Joanna Slater
  • Patricia Forsyth