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    Jul 17, 2023, 10:00 AM Europe/London


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Charlotte Grussing

Alexandra Emma Grussing

December 29, 1994 - July 11, 2023

We created a memorial to celebrate the life of Alexandra Emma Grussing.

Alexandra Emma Grussing died suddenly in the early hours of July 11th, 2023 in Kettering surrounded by members of her family.    Alex was diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome when she was seven months old and has lived a happy and active life. Equipped with the memory of an elephant and a desire to know every plan, she was a constant source of reminders and questions for her family, friends and the loving care team at Smythe...  see more
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  • Elizabeth Chambers
    My first memory of meeting Alex involved quail eggs, which she loved and wanted me to love as much as her. We had a very detailed discussion of the pros and cons of them, and of eggs more generally... and while I remained unconvinced I marveled at her...  more
  • John Lonnquist
    To the Grussings:

    It is hard to know what to do or say when confronted by genuine tragedy. Perhaps the best I can offer is the words from the Queen, when she said “Grief is the price we pay for love”. As time goes by, I hope the grief we all feel -...  more
  • Liliana Wojtyla
    Dearest Kate, John, Charlotte, Max and Maddie

    My love and thoughts are with you at this tender time.
    Her determination and sincerity were exeptional.
    I will miss her Christmas cards and random facebook messages :)
    Thinking of you and wishing you...  more
  • David Anthony
    Dear Kate and Jon,

    I’m so very saddened to hear of Alex’s passing and share my condolences with you and her siblings. As a young(ish) teacher at Centre Academy, I had the pleasure of spending many hours with Alex each day. I can honestly say we both...  more
  • Elisabeth  Stheeman
    Kettering and Cotterstock memories - we had to try out the „Blitz Cafe“ next to Alex‘ church in Kettering before the beautiful service this morning. Alex has found the perfect resting place with a wonderful view across the fields towards the mill -...  more
  • Sagra Maceira de Rosen
    Dearest Kate, Jon, Charlotte, Maddie and Max...

    It has taken me a few days to gather the words to send to you after the unimaginable, devastating news of Alex's departure from this world.

    We are sending you all our love and positive energy in these...  more
  • Jacinte MacDonald
    Dearest Kate, John, Charlotte, Max and Maddie,

    We were so sorry to hear the devastating news last and send you our deepest sympathies. We have so many small and large memories of Alex‘s exuberant life and we feel blessed to have been allowed to...  more
  • Ann Wingerstrand
    As I add some fertiliser to my roses here in Sweden, I remember my very last conversation with Alex in Cotterstock in early June. She was finishing up her gardening tasks, but as she was short on time, I offered to help her fertilise the roses. Alex, of...  more
  • Маiia Kramchaninova
    Sweet Alexandra, I smile when I think of her. She was touchingly sincere and kind, caring with her family and friends. She was incredibly determined and emotional when she strongly desired something or believed it was right. She was brave and curious to...  more
  • Deirdre Harrington
    My deepest condolences to Jon , Kate, Charlotte, Max and Maddie.
    Alex was a big part of my life and my families life.
    For me Alex was Alex , we developed a wonderful bond over the years, we had a good laugh together , a understanding.
    Alex will be...  more
  • Alison M
    Dear Kate, Jon, Charlotte, Max and Maddie,
    I am so sorry to learn this devastating news and send you my deepest sympathy. What an amazing, determined and courageous young woman Alex was. She brought so much to all your lives. She was fortunate to be...  more
  • Linda Streatfield
    Dearest Kate, Jon, Charlotte, Max and Maddie,
    My deepest condolences to you all. Alex was such a special member of your beautiful family and she will never be forgotten. She made me smile, laugh and be more patient. Alex was so thoughtful and I loved...  more
  • Mary  Elford
    Dearest Kate, Jon, Charlotte, Maddie and Max
    Alex has been part of our family’s life since Judith first met her at Centre Academy over ten years ago. They became firm friends and Judith was very proud to follow Alex to Derwen Academy a few years later....  more
  • Debbie Baffer
    Dear Kate, Jon, Charlotte, Max & Maddie, Our hearts break for you all. We remember the girl who planted flowers in our garden and would cook us a Sunday lunch that had to be served exactly on time. I would smile at two little girls coming to have...  more
  • Kate O’Neill
    Kate and Jon I am so terribly to hear of your devastating loss. I hope you both, Charlotte, Madeleine and Max can take some comfort from all the happy memories shared with friends and family of your time with Alex and the special joy she brought you....  more
  • Julie (Meslow) Michael
    Jon and Kate. Sending you deepest sympathies and a gigantic hug as you are dealing with Alex’s passing. She was a very bright light in this world and was loved by so many! I have many happy memories of family events where Alex was always smiling and...  more
  • Will Lonnquist
    Kate, Jon, Charlotte, Max, and Maddie,

    I am sending you all my deepest sympathies. Through this difficult week, I have frequently thought back upon my lone visit to Kettering last Spring. I will remain grateful for that day which I spent with Alex for...  more
  • Herminia Ibarra
    Dearest Kate, Jon, Charlotte, Maddie and Max,
    I am so sorry and so wish I was there with you now. I have a vivid memory of Alex from Kate's 50th birthday celebration with her women friends. She was so delighted to join the fun and celebrate her mom....  more
  • Jane Lonnquist
    Jon, Kate, Charlotte, Max, and Maddie, I want you to know that every memory I've been savoring of Alex this week has one of you at the periphery -- guiding her, calming her, and enjoying her very special self. I chose these photos to celebrate a key...  more
  • Anna Lonnquist
    Getting to grow up with Alex as a cousin was a blessing. When thinking about reuniting with Alex, Charlotte, Max and Maddie every summer growing up, I especially remember Alex’s joy and love showing through as she gave us all a big hug. I will deeply...  more
  • kathryn tyree
    Alexandra is a very special girl whose independence, curiosity and joy was a gift to everyone who met her. Bill was proud to be her godfather❤️❤️❤️We did not nearly spend enough time with her during her time here but know that she is always...  more
  • Nermeen Varawalla
    As a close family friend I have known Alex for most of her all too short life, however as is true for so many of ones friend's children, it was only after Alex's transition to adulthood that I was fortunate to establish an independent relationship with...  more
  • Elisabeth  Stheeman
  • Elisabeth  Stheeman
    Alex at the Mill in Northamptonshire
    Alex at the Mill in the gardening apron we brought her as a gift last summer is one of my favourite photos. We have known special Alex since she was born, we have seen her grow up - thanks to her wonderful family -...  more
  • Francesca Ecsery
    Darling Kate, Jon, Charlotte, Maddie & Max
    It was such a privilege to have been able to get to know Alex a little bit when she came to visit us in Provence in 2017. We had such fun spending time visiting pretty villages, hiking, going to Aquagym, but...  more
  • Gill Ackers
    Dearest Kate, Jon, Charlotte, Max & Maddie
    I have such wonderful memories of Alex taking Lorna and I on a two and a half hour walk along the riverbank in Cotterstock, just a few days ago. She was so incredibly proud of knowing the route and so...  more
  • Charlotte Grussing